KI World Cup 2017 Qualifiers Announcement

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Here’s hoping the New England area gets some love in the community choice poll!

No Evo?


Yeah whats up with no points for Evo or any other major tournaments? (also socal for the community choice!)

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Kombo Klash Canada !!! Wow I better practice hard.

That’s pretty cool news, and I look forward to the new site. Making Combo Assist and Shadow Jago legal for tournament use considering the recent changes is also a really good thing. I’m curious as to why EVO isn’t part of the sanctioned offline tournaments though?


I will go to - Combo Breaker, Kombo Klash (2016) and KiT (2017)

Maybe - Absolute Battle and Heart of Battle.

So… Who will go to Combo Breaker 2016?..

Based off of tweets, it appears EVO wishes to do their own thing, which is fine.

We should still support them for having the game on the line up this year, but let’s not make this all about one tournament. We have multiple Kombo Klash’s in different countries this year. This is a nice step forward for the competitive community.

Game Underground recently brought the game for locals. Look into this.

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I would assume that there’s no points for EVO or other majors is because either:

  1. With how unique KI is as a game and community, they don’t need to have as many offline tournaments and instead can compliment the offline scene with online tournaments to give more players a chance to qualify if they can’t travel across the country. It’s also nice to have tournaments dedicated solely to KI to help foster community and viewership growth. There’d be too many points to hand out if majors gave out points on top of Kombo Klash and the online qualifiers.

  2. This isn’t meant to be antagonizing and I apologize if it does come off that way, but this is how I specifically interpret it. I would assume that they don’t want to give out points at tournaments where KI isn’t as promoted as their own events. In cases like EVO where KI has done really well, it can’t even get the same treatment as other major fighting games like Melee, Marvel, and SF would probably put a damper on KIWC relationships with those tournaments. Once again, I’m not trying to put other tournaments down, but it’s probably for the best that Brandon and the rest of the team running the KIWC focus on their own events. I know Combo Breaker and CEO treat KI well and all, but this is the route that the team wants to run with and I can only applaud what they’re accomplishing.


Don’t worry my friend,

EVO Sunday Grand Stage is almost upon us…

One day, we will stride into the light, and see that our works have been accomplished…That day, we shall rest and be happy…

lol still waiting though


Speaking of New England love, we’ll be running Killer Instinct at GUTS4 this year. It would blow my mind if we could get that on the KIWC qualifiers. Who do I have to talk to to make that happen?

@ULTRAODINSON <-- is the man you want to contact.

Unless there’s an offline qualifier in Phoenix, I can’t justify another trip out of state. I’ve already got my room, flight and tickets for EVO.


Yes!!! Can’t wait for Texas Showdown in a few weeks. Can’t hold my Glacius back there.

Will be attending #4-8 as well. Shame EVO didn’t want to be part of the World Cup as a Qualifier. Oh well, their loss.


How many points total do you need to qualify for KIWC?

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This is great dude. Can’t wait to see how the Pro League is dished out.

I’m not a pro player (not even a good player) but what concerns me is the prize pot/money. Shouldn’t the game get an increase into the $250K-$500K range like other fighting games to help attract more good players AND to entice those who are good players but maybe not quite pro level yet, to spend that extra bit practicing and spend their money to fly out to the qualifiers?

I am willing to throw a Klash in the DC Area. I just need help

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DC? if you with it im down!

I’m dead serious. I don’t know where to start.