KI @ Wednesday Night Fights

Are there enough KI players in the SoCal region to revitalize its presence @ WNF, or is there something else that needs to be done for KI to be included???

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Got to coordinate with your region dude! I guarantee you guys have plenty out there. Start spreading the word!!

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You haven’t seen the SD thread:

I have been making movement down here in SD btw. I have some people interested in KI, and with S3 out, I’m sure we’ll be having KI tournaments in the near future.

I’m just asking about WNF purely out of curiosity. Eventually I will see to it that something KI-related happens up there, but I’m cooking with the oven down in SD first. ^^

Yesterday was the first one fyi. It will be there next week

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I’m going to try and make it out next week also. I want to level up my local play since it’s so different from online.

Thank you. I haven’t been keeping up with WNF as of late, and I heard about the other usual games, just not KI.

I used to go there for Vampire Savior and JJBA on Saturdays some time ago. I will muster up whoever I can down here and plan a trip to go there to support KI.

Hey, where are you located at?

It’s about at 30-40 min drive to WNF depending on how the traffic is and how fast I drive too lol

Theres plenty of KI people down here. We all used to go to Super Arcade before it closed. Just waiting for that place to reopen. (2 years 3months and counting.)

Where are you guys linking up at now?

Well I live about an hour away from the area. If we’re really doing this, I’ll go. ZergKiller lives in the area too.

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Nowhere really. The last time I saw any of the people was at Socal Regionals.

Will you guys be playing on Xbox Ones or PCs? Just got the game myself on PC and have been playing with a DS4. I can bust out my old 360 Injustice stick if need be however.

I asked and they said that they play on the xbox.

Supposedly there’s a KI tourney at the Fashion Valley Mall on the 22nd of April (as per their website). I definitely plan on going. Perhaps we can test the waters with this to see how many people we have and where the overall scene can go from there. That’s more than enough time to get S3 changes into our systems and break any old and/or bad habits.

What characters do you guys play btw? I main Kan-Ra, but I’m slowly working on Rash, Omen, Glacius, and I might pick up Spinal or Thunder.