KI Trading Cards?

So, I love trading cards. I don’t know what it is, but I love buying them, opening them, and collecting them.

One day, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw Killer Instinct Central doing a giveaway with some KI trading cards. I freaked out and for a brief moment thought they were centered around the new KI. I then noticed the classic Jago and realized these were for the original.

With that being said I am asking two questions…

  1. Does anyone by any chance have any photos or have a collection of their KI trading cards they are willing to post?
  2. Would you like to see KI trading cards make a return alongside the figures?

Also just for fun, I decided to attach a Hearthstone card revolving around Jago. My girlfriend did the artwork based on one of the cutscenes in Riptors story.


I’m not the type to collect trading cards simply for the purpose of having them. So while I’m excited for the figures, I would only be interested in collecting trading cards if there was a specific purpose: if they were either part of a trading card game built around KI, and/or if rare cards were occasionally included with codes to unlock additional content in KI itself - hopefully special accessories or colors which are only accessible through these codes, at least for a time.

Hmm yeah, I hear you, it would actually be better to have the cards feature an unlockable feature, maybe an exclusive icon, color, or accessory for the character. All of these would be based on cards that have no function in playing them like a typical card game.

These are the original trading cards they had. Some were biography cards and the other was an actual card game.


There are cards for the new KI, they handed them out at Evo 2013.

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That’s not fair… I never knew about that I need Fulgore! If it exists.

You know, I’d love trading cards. I’m really excited for the figures, but honestly I’m only really gonna be able to buy one, maybe two. Trading cards would be cool to collect and stuff without having to save up so much money lol It’s just a fun little thing. I’d still prefer a comic series or something, but I definitely wouldn’t mind more merchandise options and such.

I mentioned several times that they need to remake the old bio cards to go with the new figures to round them out as display pieces.

this is the something new I learned today. who would have thought a ki ccg.

not much of a trading cards person…but I am a cardist…I have about two hundred playing card decks…I collect them…and I also do card flourishes…it was be nice to have a killer instinct themed deck of playing cards. :slight_smile:

Really? Was it one of those things where you had to be there to know about it? Any chance you have some photos of it or a place where I can look it up?

Yeah, I think they will go for a bit considering the amount of detail and included accessories. Also I do remember seeing a 12’ Jago figurine so it may increase the price. I don’t mind the cost too much but when I consider the characters I would want to own then it becomes a lot all together. So… following the cast I think I would go for Jago, Shago, Thunder, Cinder, Omen, and Aganos - what that’ll probably be about about $200ish. Cards would probably cost you $40 for about 20 boosters or so.

I think it should be similar to the TF2 figures, where you get a figure and a card that can unlock an item in-game.

Exactly, why they should offer it alongside with the figurines.

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That looks, so beautiful :flushed:

Agreed on all points. Would love to see a new comic series, but I’d be okay with getting cards too… more affordable for a wide range of fans and it would be neat if they came with cool new art.

To the OP: the art your girlfriend did is great! :>b

I agree with @AnodyneGeno here, the design on the card is pretty sweet. Reminds me of the old cards you’d find in HeroQuest or Dark World.

Anyway, I’d love to see KI in the Universal Fighting System card collection. They’ve already got Street Fighter and soon Mortal Kombat so you could actually have both universes duking it out (in card form).

I want a Jago and a Kim Wu Card!

Here are photos of the evo cards.


Yo, that’s sweet! Did they have those for all of the launch characters or just Jago?

I’ve generally never followed comic books, I’ve collected three by chance. Still, the idea of just having more lore to my KI and going through a story based on this Ki would be nice.

Yeah, I mean either way I just want some cards lol wouldn’t mind if it was a tabletop type of game. Would actually be really sweet to do so now that I think about it. Finally Jago can win against Maya in a top-notch tournament.

I don’t want, I gotta, gotta have it, uh oh!

Ah man, I wish I could get some of those sweet cards. Why did I never hear of this? Must have not went well with the general audience of KI or maybe they didn’t want to invest all that time into them. Still, that is really sweet that you got a hold of those cards (assuming they are yours).