Ki timeline question

So I’m trying figure out how many ki tournaments actually happened. The first ki tournament takes place before the game and we know eagle wins. Is there an official second tournament that someone won? And did Gargos interrupt the third tournament from happening?

To my knowledge, there’s only ever been the 1…

So this entire game has never actually had a ki tournament

It had one I think and that’s the one eagle won. After that we have the campaigns from this game

This is a new timeline while it mixes a bit of what happend in the classic game of KI1 the reality is there was only ever one tournament and that’s it.

The tournament itself ended a while back in this KI. Not sure exactly when though.

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Short answer 1-3 tornaments. Want an explaination, read below.
Hope I’m not too late to respond, but here goes. From all the lore I’ve looked at I’ll try to tell what I can.
KI-1994 Ultra Tech was a huge mega corporation that created and dealt weapons. To promote, test, and advertise their weapons they created the Killer instinct tournament that was broadcast like a regular t.v show. The first one was won by eagle who was brainwashed and put into a fulgore suit. The second (as was hinted by the comics) was won by T.J who was their new superstar who had cyber inplants. The third one was won by B.Orchid when she singlehandedly took down Eyedol. The third is a little bit tricky, cause as we know the comics have Orchid and Jago face off with Orchid loosing. However the comics aren’t canon and the games devs had minimum tools to create a full flushed story. Besides the comic contradicts a couple of things such as Orchid and Jago pushing Eyedol in a portal back to limbo. The game specifically state B.Orchid killed him causing UT to be teleported 2000 yrs to the pass. It unclear rather there was a fourth one in ki2 as UT has no one to advertise their products to.
T.J combo was an experiment of ultra tech as we all know. One day UT ask combo to loose a match agains a MK1 fulgore. As a demonstration. This is a sort of pre tournament. As fir the first.
Eagle seeks out to join the one pain in UT’s back side - The Disavowed. Orchid decided to send Eagle on a mission to find out about the KI tournament. However he was reported killed in the tournament (as we all know that’s was not true he was the best fighter in the tournament as Aria knew this and took him, which means he probably won). Causing Thunder to go rampaging in the Ultra Tech facility. Orchid takes up the name B.Orchid as a code name and enter the second tournament. Now in the reboot it is canonical that B lost to Jago as Shago tried to kill her.(minor theory time) We all know that Shago is the boss in the game for season 1 & 2 and as much as I would like it to be so Aria is not actually a boss character as we all thought she would be. This may mean that Jago and Orchid were the finalist and what played out was shago attempting to push Jago to murder his sis Orchid, or the tournament was interrupted with the rise of shadow Jago. It’s really unclear. As of now the game is on the direction of the alliance (a group formed by Ultra Tech, The Disavowed, and The Nightguards) taking down Gargos. The new comic takes place after gargos was defeated. Hope this helps. I got most this info from the back stories and novella which is on the forum. Also the story from the old games and the comics from akklaim and dynamite. As for Gargos interrupting something. He interrupted Aria as she was about to slaughter T.J, Maya, Jago, and Orchid. Orchid and Jago may had a possibility to get away using the firecat and shago, but they didn’t. Also Maya and T.J could have just ran instead of trying to be ride or die and coming to aid Jago and Orchid :joy: but whatever.

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