KI tier list?

Not sure if this is the right section to post this in? I was wondering if there is a KI tier list?

There really isn’t one. All of our characters are viable - KI Cup top 8 featured every single character at one point or another.

YMMV depending on what types of characters you like to play, but jump in and experiment!


^This could not have come from a better person. When choosing a new character you have to think about your playstyle and practice!

Yeah anybody can work. KIWC showed that any character can be played competitively. It is just a matter of finding which character you feel most comfortable with.

Firstly, what @TempusChaoti said. Competitive players and theorists alike are scattered on the matter, but most agree that the tier hierarchy is probably pretty flat.

As far as I can tell, common characters appearing in top 5 lists include: Fulgore, Kan-Ra, Spinal, Wulf, ARIA, Shadow Jago; common bottom 5 appearances include: Omen, Riptor, Hisako, Aganos, Glacius. That said, I don’t think Aganos (a character who is still probably being worked out by players, and who has put in scary tournament showings considering) nor Glacius (~3 Glacius specialists in KI Cup top 32, the first last-chance qualifier winner Waterhorses was a Glacius specialist who made it into top 8, and Rico Suave counterpicked MyGod’s Wulf in grand finals with Glacius for the entire set) really belongs among a bottom tier, and I can’t really say wrt Riptor or Hisako.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding “Tier List,” but I thought they were used to determine which characters were easier or harder to play well? Not who is overall a better character.

I think it’s safe to say Kan Ra is more difficult to play well than Sabrewulf, for example.

Tier lists attempt to capture the overall viability of characters when played at their theoretical peak. You’ll see Fulgore at the top of tier lists because he can theoretically do anything, despite being difficult to play solidly at a high level and lacking specialist representation in majors and whatnot.

(So yes, you are misunderstanding the term “tier list”.)

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I’m surprised about Glacius I thought he would be near the top if a tier list existed. I mean there are tier lists for pretty much every fighting game I guess this game really is that balanced then? Thanks for your responses though

He’s definitely been seen as a struggle character in the past, but as per my edits, I don’t think that’s really the case anymore. Don’t think I’d put him among the top 5, though, especially considering he probably loses to most of those I did name as in top 5 contention.

But yeah, KI is renowned for its balance: flat tier hierarchy, debatable as to whether there are even any 7-3 matchups, etc.

Aganos is booty buttcheeks.

Other than that the game is remarkably well balanced. I mean, there are “bottom tiers” and “top tiers” but the line between the tiers are pretty dam close. Tournament results showed that.

Even terribad matchups can be somewhat even with the right players. I mean, Gutter Magic’s Thunder nearly took out Rico Suave’s Fulgore at Evo. And that was before lazorz nerfz.

I’d say the imbalances in the game are generally matchup based. Which is pretty normal. Characters do well and bad against others. But overall the tiers are quite even.

I suppose I’m just a non-credible nobody saying this, but consider it a strong opinion held loosely until I hear some top players saying otherwise.

…Except for Aganos. He is total stinky butt until Season 3.

A tier list just shows who is objectively the best character and does not take player skill into account.

Don’t really follow tier lists. Play who you want! I used to follow tier lists religiously, but I’ve come to the realization that you play who you have the most fun with, not because he/she is the highest tier.