KI Themed Arcade Cabinet

Finally nearing the end of my cabinet build and thought I’d share some pics to see what you think. It’s an evolving project, but the bulk is done. I’ve just got the sticks to light up which is quite exciting! (for me anyway).


I wish I could buy something like that. Hell I’ll buy an arcade place and have this displayed.

I wonder if IG will make a true arcade edition. No Shadow Lords, no Rivals mode, just Season 1 Arcade with some changes and Arcade endings like Season 2. Hmm…

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Perfect! Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Ultimate Combo! :grinning: :smiley: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Man, I want to make one so bad now…

This reminds me, I gotta figure out how to rig mine up for lights like that. That is really cool.
I won’t go into detail about my cabinet though. I’ve had my moment in the sun.


This looks AWESOME!! Simply amazing! Great job on this project

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Messagee if you want some info. Illuminating the stick tops is a ball ache!

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Nice one! Jealous of this. The finish looks perfect too.
Trying not to sound like an idiot but how do you even start a project like this? lol.
Do you buy the frame and then add the art work etc? What finish is it and how do you apply the adhesive?

Regardless, you’ve done a great job. Keep us posted!

Glad you mentioned yours though! I some how missed it on the forum. Just checked it out. It’s brilliant. Appreciate that you shared it.

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Check out XCade if your in the UK. They had a discount when I ordered it back in April. Cabinet comes flat pack, just send them the artwork and they print directly onto the perspex art plates that bolt on the side. It looks really good, but the delivery times are longgggg…much longer than started on the website.

Inside is just a PC with a keyboard encoder and LED driver. Let me know if you want more info.

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I am in the UK so I really appreciate this. Thanks for the heads up!