KI store?


I ordered 5 figures thursday of last week and got an email saying they are on the way,so I went to go track it and it 404’d.I try going on another device and its still 404’d.Whats going on?

Im pretty sure the cheapest option was 2 day shipping right?


@rukizzel Do you know anything about this?


You ordered from UIltimate Source, correct? I have no insights to the workings of their website.


I am sorry @rukizzel could i ask you something. color 10s belong to IG or US?


Thread highjacker!

What do you mean, though?


Okay thanks anyway


I mean US is using Color 10s. Do they belong to them?

Excuse me for highjacking @GONZFAM

I mean if IG desides to make an offer with the color 10s. like a color 10 pack .Would that be possible. Or it is impossible?


How is cinder’s color 10 available if his figure isn’t out yet?


Xbassix has them all to promo those.


Ah gotcha. Well there’s a lot of legality that I frankly don’t know enough about, but US is the only team with those Color 10’s.


Thanks Rukari…been trying to tell people this. Everyone listen up here is the answer you been looking for. If you want color 10s you have to buy a figure…period. As of now anyways.


I had an issue with the purchase screen last weekend, trying to get me a Jago… let me know if this something that has been addressed before