KI SNES players

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else on this board has KI for the SNES and an X-Band modem. The official service has been dead for nearly 20 years, but former users have kept the service alive by hosting their own servers, which isn’t hard to do when 2016 internet is 50+ mbps and a VPS for an SNES game uses little to no resources.

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Wow, I never knew about these modems for SNES. We also didn’t even have dialup at my house back then though. Dreamcast was the first console I got online with.

Oh snap! I just went on ebay and got one of these suckers for about 25 bux after reading your post. Any clue where i can get some info on how to get it working on todays internet?

I wish. I’ve been trying to find the info, but all the websites showing up in google have been dead since 2010. I’ve got a modem with no way to obtain the official patches or connect to the internet. It’s pretty frustrating. #snes and /r/xband are about the only resources we have…