KI shown in Ozark Season 2!

If you havent seen the series on Netflix, “Ozark”…Im here to tell you its an awesome series! I love it! Season 2 just came out Friday.
On episode 3 , S2, one of the co stars is playing KI (Rash vs Arbiter) while getting yelled at for being a slacker and not working on his college essay seriously enough.

I thought it was a cool back ground piece as in Season 1 they get an Xbox with some of the new money they get from the main plot of the series.

The series stars Jason Bateman and is also co-written and co-produced by him as well.
Check it out!

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I’ve seen KI have been used several times before. I think KI is a great game prop, it just screams “VIDEO GAMES” at a glance.


Man this Ozarks show is sooooo awesome! I love it!