KI Season X

I think all the things happening to KI after season 3, along with the release of X Box One X and since there is not a standard schedule, should be called Season X


Lol…sounds mysterious…


I would be up for a new season. Season X where you at ?

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Season X

All the things that are not scheduled to be on a seasonal package and happen randomly by the devs will.

The 3 new characters we have until now
Gold, terror, color skins
New guardians
… and whatever new comes from now on until the announcement of season 4 (if it happens) or after that.

I wouldn’t like that to be named season 3.5 or something, it would sound like a windows update and not a fighting game’s episode.

As long as it keeps running on the current Xbox One version as well as on the X version, I’m good. Not very keen on buying a new console just to keep getting more content…

I’d be happy with a gorgon and that Lovecraftian character as additional characters. Throw in a wendigo general and the Tsar and I will call it icing on the cake. Make additional stages / stage variations for all currently “homeless” characters and I will bend the knee.

Agreed 100%

Bring us new announcement already! Haven’t got no new announcement since Ultimate Monster Pack in August 2017

At this point I kind of want a new game instead of additions to the current. M rated this time.
I would like to see a stage for Mira however.

MK vs KI on E3?

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