KI Season 3: Preemptive Thoughts, Discussion, and Wish List (part 2)

Hey guys, time to revive an ancient post of mine from around Christmas/Riptor Patch last year.
Now, unlike then, Season 3 is just around the corner. We have all the confirmation we need, and we know of several returning characters as well as the possibility of new ones and even guests.
Here’s what we KNOW is going to be in Season 3:
-Characters: Kim-Wu, Tusk, Rash, *Shadow Jago, and likely Gargos, with the possibility of Eyedol, a vampire, and maybe another guest.
*-Shago is technically not Season 3, but he’s being released post Season 2, so…
-New UI of some sort.
-Changes to balance, for better or worse

So, now that the obvious is out of the way, let’s ask ourselves and the devs some questions about the future of Killer Instinct in this (hopefully) SUPER AWESOME ULTRA MEGA THREAD.

-What kinda of new features do we want? New/improved fighting mechanics? More options in dojo/training mode?
-New and improvements for different game modes?
-Story shenanigans, how do they work?
-Thoughts and ideas for new and returning characters?

Anything you guys can come up with, feel free to share. As always, I’m curious to see what people have to say.


Well since we have Rash in the game, I’d love to see The Dark Queen from Battletoads be his rival.

It would also be cool if she was a trap, portal, teleport based character. (Pretty much a female Quan Chi)

They need to keep making characters with unique gameplay elements. The more over the top and technical the better IMO.

I’d also be hyped if Tusk had a He-Man themed accessory set… and if Dark Queen was in the game, she could double as Evil-Lyn. :smiley:

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  • It’s just a little thing - but one thing I’d really like to see is a bigger variety of intro/win poses. Having only one per character feels a little awkward especially when fighting against the same character.
    Maybe at least they can use the same animation but have different lines of dialogue???

  • I like Season 2’s story presentation, please keep the story mode mural, also when finishing off all the missions for a character maybe unlock a gamerpic as well ?!?

  • Character specific training modes

  • The ability to do ‘taunts’ as well as ‘respect’ moves.

  • Can we please have a way of displaying the move list on-screen during training mode, whether as part of the interface, or even as a background image at the back of the training room. Pushing in the L/R sticks could change the page - easier then having to search through the menu for it.

  • Stage select - as the number of stages grows, it takes longer to search through them, please use a ‘crossbar’ approach ( like the way Forza 6 does for car selection.) As in pressing up/down cycles through Seasons, left/right cycles through stages.

  • Replace the tagline/icon/picture/concept art section with full on character profiles. Similar to the old Soul Calibur games, each character has a profile which includes:

  1. A character viewer + bio + character customization
  2. Stage viewer + the ability to trigger the ultra stage animations + info on setting / back story
  3. Music player for the character’s stage + options to change through the dynamic music themes + retro themes
  4. Concept character art from both new and old games
  5. Character trailers (+ link to buy character for the Free to Play players) + ending/story viewer
  6. Player card customization (tag lines/pictures/icons for just that character - easier then browsing through all of them)
  7. Move list + direct link to character specific training
  8. Character specific fight titles list + achievements
  9. Fan Art (the first two SC games had this in the gallery + I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff on the forums so why not?)

Basically each character profile has everything about that character in one place.

  • For the Season 3 online store, any chance of including the ability to order KI merch / T Shirts / Models??? It’ll be easier for us to find the official merch, + increase awareness of what’s available.

  • For Season 3 Ultra edition owners, why not get a famous cartoon/anime studio to make mini cartoons for every character in game - or even a short movie???


I wanna see another diverse mix like season2 with some demons or new creatures or characters of the cthuluesqe kind of brand. Seeing as argos is involved means we can expect supernatural creatures. And I mean something that’s not just a human with freaky traits like fangs or weird ears or something. I mean full legit monster.

An insectoid like creature would be cool


Definitely agree on the monster bit. Human characters come and go. Ninja this, special forces that, boxing champ the other. It’s much more interesting to have beastial characters and other anomalies. They’re not bound by human limitations, and can use much more unique tactics, moves, and motivations that wouldn’t make sense with a human body.

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precisely. I think a good mix of what we got in season2 should be replicated in the spirit of half human and half monster roster wise. Meaning half humans for the folks who want a more grounded and slightly more relatable thing for them, and the monsters and other crazy stuff for those of us who want to really feel like we’re unleashing a fury human characters cannot carry for us.

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