KI Season 2 Wallpaper for you all!

Hi guys, i’ve maded this wallpaper for you all and in name of Iron Galaxy.
I hope you like it, next one for season three :wink:


Very nice! Thank you oh, so very much. I shall put this to use, post-haste! :slight_smile:

…did you ever do 1 of the S1 characters? If so, where’s that? If not, would you?

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You have one for season 1?


Yes dudes! I have did one also for season 1, and there is more…
I have 2 versions: one for characters whit standard outfit and one for the classic skins!

This morning i will put them on the forum, when i finish work. :wink:


Awesome sauce! :slight_smile:

Love! Love love

I need to make another one!!!

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This all-new KI wallpaper of Killer Instinct Season 2: AWESOME! KILLER! GODLIKE! :sunglasses:

Edit: Instant save now :wink:

Very nice one!!
many thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Used this as the Wallpaper for my tablet. Thanks!