KI Running Painfully slow on PC, Used to run absolutely fine

Hello everyone, I am writing this post because I’m having an
issue playing KI (2013) on my Windows 10 Laptop and I’ve looked all over the internet
to try to fix this issue and nothing seems to be working. So far, I have seen that many,
many people are having issues with the speed of the game visuals. Either it is at absolute lightspeed or it is in super slow motion. I have the latter issue.

My processor specs are:

Intel Core i7
GeForce 920M

in addition, all other specs are either at or above recommended specs to play this game.

No matter what graphics setting I put the game on it runs terribly slow to the point of unplayable and the SOUND runs on time. The video actually lags behind the audio.

I have tried disabling VSync along with playing around with a million different settings in NVidia control panel but nothing is working. I have a feeling that this issue is on KI’s end. Maybe after updating my NVidia drivers, the KI game now cannot function well on these new drivers. I don’t know all I know is it worked perfectly before, I stopped playing the game for a long time, came back to it now, and it’s totally unplayable. Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this issue?

Thank you for your help and understanding.

I don’t know if this would help, but occasionally when I play on PC the game kinda starts slogging along &/or not connecting online…I restart the computer and it starts working fine again.
I know it’s not exactly a miracle trick, but it works for me.

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Windows 10 silently updated your drivers to version that works worse with KI, try older drivers. On my laptop version 362.00 works best, every newer version makes my game not pass benchmark.

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Interesting. I actually went into NVidia settings and changed the card to "Maximum Performance"
rather than power saving mode, and it actually worked for a good 15 minutes until the game slowed down again. My only concern with rolling back my driver is that then I will not have the most recent drivers for my PC and now other games could be affected.

If you have any anti-virus or security software running, try fully disabling that.

Check in your task manager,see what you have running,make sure nothing is hogging up your memory.Something might have loaded up you werent aware of thats stealing a good chunk of your memory.