KI Remix/Tribute!

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Good Morning everyone! I am new to the forums but wanted to show you a remix I did about a couple of years ago mixing the Main Theme and the Character Select theme! I called it: “Da Instinct” (Don’t judge me…lol)! Big shout out to the original creators of the music (Both Retro and current)! Love this game so much!

I would like to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Peace and God Bless!


It’s certainly a different take, it’s an interesting one at that. Keep up the good work.

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Hi everyone I just made a Killer Instinct/LMFAO mash-up, it took 7 days to make (explaining a lot of errors), but I worked very hard at it so I hope you like it!

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this should be on the KI s3 soundtrack(if they make one eventually).

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This is clean! Like how you made that fit!!:joy:

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thanks it took weeks, glad u enjoyed it.:grin: