KI related New Years resolution

I know it’s a couple days into the new year, but does anyone have any KI related resolutions? Me personally, I’m going to do a few things. First is learn more characters! I recently picked up Aganos and now I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. I also recently started with Raam and have never touched fulgore (I hated him during KI gold). Second I’m going to watch as many tournaments as possible. I’m also going to purchase Kilgore and see how I can continue to support KI’s growth and development in any way I can.

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I prefer not to make typical goal-related resolutions, instead making them progress-related so I can be happy with the effort put into the resolutions regardless of outcome.

So simply, I resolve to get better at KI. The only way is up.


Get everyone to L50.


I’m kinda in this boat. I’ve got 3 new characters that I need to level up. I’ve got Kilgore at 30 (so I have my favorite color) and I need to get him maxed out before the next new fighter comes. I must maintain my title of Lvl50 mile high club member!

I also think I may try to improve my play, but honestly I’ve been trying to relax more so I’ll be seeing a lot more if Stardew Valley and Minecraft (though Killer Instinct and Overwatch are both good time sinks too ;P). If I can maybe get into Killer again and consistently improve from there I think I’ll be happy.

My Killer Instinct New Years Resolution is going to 2 majors for it. My plans include KIWC and Combo Breaker, but I may have to change them since they are so close together.

My KIR is to play more on a consistent basis and stop binge playing while sticking to one main instead of going across the board.

100% achievements.

NewYears resolution: perform an Ultimate with ALL KI characters on @Justathereptile

-Surpass @Jeffron27 in Riptor Matches
-Turn Riptor into a fully anti-Fulgore
-Perform an Ultimate with everyone

I may never get it for this game because of the Ultra Trials bug :cry:
My KI resolution for this year is probably to complete everything other than that and learn more about Raam and Maya.

My tag has everyone on lvl. 50! Yay!

What is this bug you are talking about?
Just recently got the Monster Trials achievement…

It doesn’t unlock for me. Been bugged since I got the game, I’ve tried on a couple occasions to just complete trials and it still didn’t unlock.

That blows…not fun if you are going for 100% and it isnt possible

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I just got mine unlocked the other day. :slight_smile:

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Quick question regarding 100%ing. Are those unlock bugs getting fixed anytime soon and are those ‘secret’ ones something separate to the completion percentage?

Nop, they are part of the total

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