KI pin ultimate Edition and Shadow Jago

Well Shadow Jago come with that Edition because I just got it today and it states

All Season 1 characters (8)*
Season pass for all costumers (8) and accessory packs (16)*
Early access to all Season 1 content
Original Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game

I know that in season one he was just a skin witch could have counted for content, But I want to know does he come with the ultimate Edition code witch I already used.

because seeing how was was put as a boss and skin in season one, It would stand with was what advertised right?

Hope-ing for a Dev response.

thank you for your time.

with love a Saberwulf fan

It’s a long and complicated story:

Short answer: no, you won’t get Shadow Jago.

Long answer: Season 1’s Ultra “deal” (is that the right word?) was the first 6 characters (Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf, Thunder, Sadira, and Orchid) and then the other 2 (Spinal, Fulgore) added later. That was the set-up.

Shadow Jago was originally just a skin, and until people talked about it, probably always would be. He was merely incentive for people to get the Day One 1-Year Xbox Live Card, and the idea that he would ever be unique didn’t even cross Double Helix’s mind.

As such, he isn’t included in Season 1’s Combo Breaker/Ultra/Pin Ultimate/What-Have-You Edition.

Sorry, friend.

Well after doing some digging around, reading, a bit of this and that, I found a loop hole… a massive loop hole and it all has to do how shago was handled.