KI on Xbone X Footage


WOW! It looks really good! I can tell the difference…so much more detailed.

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Well first thing i noticed is the speed with which it loads now, which is nice. I can’t watch this at a high resolution to tell much difference graphically.

It still seems like it’s loading a bit slower than what I’m used to seeing on PC, but then again my PC isn’t loading in 4k assets. Still, it’s better than the regular XB1.

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Yeah it’s slower than a good PC, but seems a great deal faster than Xbox One.

Wow some kind of media acknowledged KI’s existence :open_mouth:


Looks really good! And I recently purchased a 4k TV. Good luck explaining to my wife why I need to spend $500 (again) on a game console for KI though…

Side note: Can anyone explain why some people think SFV has better graphics than KI? I just don’t see it (pun intended).


SFV having better graphics is a matter of someone else’s opinion.

Graphics doesn’t always make a better game to me, so I can’t answer that question.

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Can confirm this. Loads faster than OG Xbox One, but goodness gracious PC load times are smooth as Billy Dee Williams.


IMO SF5 does not have better graphics than KI despite being three years younger. SF5 graphics is really uneven.

Some characters’ models look really good like Ryu, Menat, Bison, Urien while some characters look like they were outsourced to some interns (Alex, Ken, Abigail).

Stages’ foreground looks really nice but further planes are imo awful. On Hillside Plaza stage further landscape is ugly af. I don’t know if its depth of field or ps2 textures but with comparison to crisp and beautiful foreground, it just hurts my eyes.

And background animations are just nightmarish. Wacky, poorly mocapped (or not mocapped at all), 30fps animations with no taste (yea, two people break each others faces on train station, let’s fkin dance and play orchestra to that) are just things of cringe.

Mortal Kombat 9 made it beautifully in 2011 already for christ sake.


Ah, well i’ve played only on console so from original Xbox to the X it looks pretty significant in the load times stuff.

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SF5 is 3 years newer than KI. It should have better graphics. Injustice 2 is the king of graphics in fighters tho in my opinion.

I don’t really like SFV graphics.
Actually, characters looks like action figures.

IJ2 has the best realistic graphics, mostly because based on MKX/IJ1 engine.

KI has good graphics, better imo than SFV5.

Marvel…well…i prefer UMVC3 over this one…


Damn, guys the enhancements are striking! The game looks considerably better! Congratz on that! I hope this enhanced version will be available on PC as well. I have KI: Supreme Edition on Windows Store since release.

It’s essentially the windows versions running on the Xbox one X.

Doesn’t seem like anything was added other than resolution boost.

If Ki has good online on steam it will sell like crazy. Only tekken seems to be well praised. Every othet FG has negative reviews

IJ2 is nice too.

Agreed that Tekken has nice reviews.

But SFV and Mahvel could be problematic, because they have legacy, even if some reviews are negative.
And Steam players doesn’t fit to KI’ mechanics.

And faster load times.

So digital foundry did a comparison of the xbone, pc, and x version and apparently the Xbox one x version has frame rate drops during shadow moves. This might affect people trying to break shadow moves and put Xbox one x players at a disadvantage.