KI on the Steam Deck 🎮

New Killer Instinct news? In 2022?!

Xbox just verified that Killer Instinct is optimized for play on the Steam Deck platform alongside others such as Fable Anniversary, Kalimba, and Halo: Spartan Strike:

Xbox Game Studios - MORE XGS Games on the Steam Deck - Steam News (

Fight on the go,


on steam, 50% of users cannot play multiplayer: the game throws the user to the desktop when trying any multiplayer (and this is on new modern laptops with 3060 video cards, etc.). Support for the game does not work. There are a lot of messages and topics about this problem on the Steam Forum. Iron Galaxy completely ignores the problem and there is no feedback from them at all. Zero solutions to this problem for 2021 and 2022. I hope they fix it when they transfer the game to their console.

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