KI on Steam (and xbone/win10) back at $20. SPREAD WORD! :D

That’s all folks!


I wonder who can get the most people to get on KI during this sale period. $20 KI Spirit Bucks to the person with the most converts! Let’s make it happen folks!

what exactly are KI Spirit Bucks … simply good vibes of knowing you are spreading good to the world via KI!! :smiley:


spreading the word… though I seem to be converting more to the win 10 store than steam >.>

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I will provide you with 8 Kan Ra fun bucks for doing such good deads


Cool!! I’ll spread the word too :smile:

Nice yall! Let’s get it! Yeah, I primarily play the win10 version, but I’m going to finally get this steam version specifically for the full roster offline access.

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I wish ranked was crossplay too, or that it was a ranked crossplay. It’s not hard to find matches in Xbox but I don’t know how Steam ranked is finding matches fast =S

However I found matches playing 1 pm my time and found some matches, just not as fast as Xbox. Haven’t played at night yet.

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LOL, the local FGC thinks I work undercover for MS because I spread KI love xD
These ppl… :joy:
I think they are joking, but you know what they say about jokes :thinking:


I take nothing less than 60%…

Funny how one said the ones who play KI are dumbass since the game was born dead
Geez, I wish all dead games could find me a match in 5-10 second :sunglasses:

I honestly don’t get all the hate this game get from persons that hasn’t even tried it.

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UPDATE: All version of KI are on sale for $20. on Steam and the Xbone/Win10 versions!!!

Ok, back to spreading word.

One way I’m doing this is by finding online forums or facebook pages and putting links to sale so folks can see it for themselves!