KI news at GDC 2016 (OFFICIAL THREAD)?

Do you think we’ll get Killer Instinct news at the Game Developpers Conference in Moscone?

Rumor has it that they’re gonna give Beta news about the next Gears of War. Do you think they’ll finally reveal KI S3 price and launch details?

Does someone knows when is the Microsoft’s Press Conference during this event?

Game Developpers Conference starts on Monday March 13th through Friday March 18th.


I would hope we get something this week. Game is only 2 weeks away now and so much, including PRICING, is still a mystery.

The prices will probably be identical to that of S2 & S1. There. Done. There’s your price =)

We still don’t know if they’re is gonna be an Ultra Edition…

If there is an ultra edition it will likely be the same as previous ultras.
If there won’t be any it will likely be the same price as the combo pack.

More Gears stuff? Sweet! It would be nice to have some KI stuff there too. But, KI would only be there if it has Unreleased Information we don’t know about…

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We’ll see if you are right… But we still don’t know what we’re getting for Season 3 package : ultimates, bonus character, Eyedol, Gargos, new game mode, new stages ultras, etc.?

GDC never has any interesting information. It’s just developers partying and going to secret meetings the entire week. Making secret deals and junk. In fact their is a video in which Dave Lang is their partying getting drunk talking with ED Boon with secret KI information that his team was selected to take over but didn’t share it to Ed who was talking about fighting games next to him.

Take a look. You can see that two people are in on the KI info and Lang is caught of guard that the other dude is about to spill the news.

Even if that were the case the package contents wont be the same since this time around not every character will be getting his own stage and there is no more classic game to include. If they’re keeping the same 20$ & 40$ bundles they’re going to have to shore up that missing content with something else.

Actually. No. They don’t. If they feel the pricemodel is ok to use & believe people will spend it, they will keep the same price.
It is after all a FTP game & need to bring income somehow. And Microsoft is currently behind the PS4 & will take any chance they can to get extra cash. I mean, the game already have an extremely grindy xp system, with complimentary purchaseable boosters.

But I agree with you as well. S3 is shorter on content and because of that it could have a cheaper pricetag.
Oh, and as stated earlier. S3 might not come as an ultraedition. Just a regular one.

What exactly happened here?

At 20 minute mark when they start talking fighting game story modes.

“Divekick, we’re going full 3D”

“Oh, I thought you were going to reveal the big announcement”

These two know that IG is about to start development of KI. Lang is under NDA and doesn’t reveal it there. It would have been cool to see Boon’s thoughts if he did say he was doing KI.