KI music , stargazing and Why this game needs a better plan for publicity

Hi Ki lovers and haters… I want to talk/share about something that happened to me last night and i think it could be relevant . Like many of you i do some other activities apart from play ki . Im a amateur astronomer , every time i can i go with some friends to places with better skies than those we have in the city to make planetary and deep sky observation , astrophotography of dark skies , galaxies, nebula etc. Also Last Night was the nominal peak of the Delta Aquarid meteor shower and in a night without moon like last night , the chances to see a really good show of shooting stars was really high.

The fact is that when we are doing this we hear music, every one must to make a playlist so all the play lists are mixed in a file an played randomly till the sunrise. Last nigth i forgot to make a play list and i put some of the KI tracks on a penthdrive, that was my playlist. So the first theme to come up from my playlist was … Thunder theme. Some people ask me , who is the composer of this Music, it sound very good , intense and also relaxing ? I pretend to be too busy to answer and tell them is a guy from Australia i dont remember his name now :wink:, but wait you hear more of his work , is really good. After a some other tracks from other people playlists comes the second one form my playlist Glacius Theme . Same Impressions with this theme. They really liked this too. After almost 2hours later , almost at 12am, Aganos theme Start to play , and this time the reaction was , Like Aganos. One of theme ask me , is this one also from that Australian guy ? , i say yes it is,all of them really enjoinig the music, Mira theme , and tusk theme get same reaction , good music they say. Later almost at 3am sabrewolf theme start to play and again just good impresions but here comes the message of this post , when sabrewolf theme plays de ki1 sabrewolf part one person say , that part sounds like a music from a video game i really liked in the 90s. Arcade and SNES killer instinct . 2 other more says , ooh yes i remeber that game , cococococombo breaker, CINDERRR !! ULTRA COOOMBO!! . I was at the same time like :grinning: and :disappointed: (disappointed) . After this reaction i take the laptop and select Cinder theme and was recognized almost immediately . Them i told them this music and the other ones that you liked from the Australian guy are from a video game , a new killer instinct release in 2013. Have you not hear about it ? …No, was the answer of 2 , the other one says i read something in 2013 like the game was no so good and short of content. I told them about This KI and how fun/good / competitive it is for a couple of minutes. At the end must of the people that ere there (8) told me that they will check that sound track on sptfy and the ones played ki in the 90s said the cold try it some time.

I Think that MS , really should make with KI a similar job that they do with Other MS Ips. Good Marketing. This game has lot A LOT of potential to reach a lot more of people. I hope They keep supporting KI so the game keeps growing, but if they dont make a better marketing on prime tv and mass events will be harder to achieve.

Thanks for reading .


Just like to point out, that it was disclosed in March(?) that KI had 7 million unique users. Not bad for a fighting game that was dormant for so many years. If you stop to consider SFV poor sales, well…

Actually, I think KI has proven to be a boon for both MS and Iron Galaxy.


No 7 million have played ki not how much of a user install base. Also mike is from new Zealand.

Actually it was 6 million unique users.

I agree KI needs more publicity but it shouldn’t rely on guest characters to do that. Guests do not solve everything.

It really does not hurt to have a T.V. ad or SOMETHING

Thats how much have played it, but we dont know how much it has sold.

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KI definitely would benefit from a tv ad or something similar like a youtube ad.

I’m telling you, this has been a boon for MS/IG.

If 30% of those 6 million users spent $50, essentially the bare minimum to get all three seasons, then that’s 90 million in sales.

Ms has said it sold well but never mentioned how much. Ki doesn’t have a install base of 6 million, it has had over 6 million gamers trying the game out. So really it doesn’t have 6 million unique users as when is unique users a thing? The articles mentioned that 6 million or more have played the game in someway.

Actually, they stated that KI had 6 million unique users in March 2016. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that 25 - 30% of that number have purchased.

Yes but 6 million isnt how much it has got in terms of sales.

Dude, nobody is saying it is, you’re sounding like a broken record at this point. You’re going to be waiting a very long time if you want MS to disclose exact sales on any of their properties.

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Im not waiting for the sales. Im just having a discussion.