KI Matchups, help needed! ~ TJ Combo

Hi, I’m currently making a matchup PowerPoint on the KI Characters for new beginners, For TJ Combo, I need help from people who know how he works and i need to know crucially, what characters from the whole roster are difficult opponents for him, and what are characters are safe for him to play against. You will definitely receive credit for the help. ~ Kieran

I have extreme difficulty against teleporters. Especially the behind teleport since you really have to read your opponent in order to make something positive happen. TJ gets a hard knockdown, moves in for the kill and then Spinal, Fulgore, Hisako etc are nowhere to be found. And if you try an offensive move and they teleport behind, then you’re wide open for punishment.

Also, since TJ has very limited wakeup options, he’s succeptible to pressure from the entire roster. A major vulnerability when he gets knocked down. No dp available. He has to guess and get a tech throw, or roll if the opponent goes in airborne, block or shadow counter (if available). He’s purely defensive (other than his shadow uppercut with meter) on hard knockdowns.

Also, TJ is much slower in terms of his punches than much of the cast. Even Aganos’s lp/flick is faster than TJ’s jab.

You have to be a good defensive player to be effective with TJ at high levels. I’m an average defensive player…So, sometimes I’ll go from looking like a sponsored pro when I’m on offense, to a complete bum when the tides turn.

TJ’s tremor is not an anti-air, and he’ll lose every time he tries tremor on an airborn opponent on reaction. His tremor works as an ant-air, but it must be well timed and you’re left wide open if you miss. Very risky and you really have to read the opponent or else you’re done.

TJ’s instinct is awesome. However, his instinct changes the timing of his combos and some of the non-instinct chains simply don’t work. At the same time, he’s able to do some amazing juggles, rolls and powerline combos with the increased speed. I’m still working on learning how to take advantage of his instinct mode.

Many people don’t like to rely on TJ’s last breath…But, I do. Because I feel it gives me a psychological advantage over my opponent since they have to kill me twice. I do quite well during second breath much of the time.

TJ’s light tremor from long range is often underutilized by TJ players. Getting a hard knockdown on the opponent can allow you to get in safely, or can simply frustrate your opponent and break their rhythm.

Effectively incorporating the dash cancel into TJ’s offensive reportoire during juggles and Season 3’s staggers is what really seperates low level TJ’s from mid-level ones. Once I see another TJ doing that, I know that the opponent is experienced.

TJ’s tremor and uppercuts will, too often, fail to auto correcf leaving him wide open. And, it looks ugly too. Laughably ugly.

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How does TJ approach Orchid?

Where’s the TJ love!?

As far as I know there aren’t any TJ mains who are active on these boards. The KI FB group has a few of them, so may want to try asking there.

Hisako beats him pretty cleanly though. I think the fight is 6-4 her favor.

Yeah it’s quite bad I gotta play it at her pace lol, My Facebook is acting up so I was hoping to see more TJ tech and Matchups