KI Matchups, help needed! ~ Rash

Hi, I’m currently making a matchup PowerPoint on the KI Characters for new beginners, For Rash, I need help from people who know how he works and i need to know crucially, what characters from the whole roster are difficult opponents for him, and what are characters are safe for him to play against. You will definitely receive credit for the help. ~ Kieran

His most useful ability is his Zip Tongue, which helps him move throughout the battlefield easily and escape up close opponents such as RAAM, Sabrewulf, etc.

His worst matchups are those who have aerial control, specifically Gargos and Sadira, as his tongue and approach are nullified by good anti-air abilities, like Gargos’ wing thrust air attack decimates him.

That’s all I can really say matchup-wise, I don’t have a lot for him since I can’t play ranked. Sorry. I tried. : /

I can at least say the his heavy kick normals are fast and have great range, making them useful in footsies and for bypassing armor.