KI Matchups, help needed! ~ Orchid

Hi, I’m currently making a matchup PowerPoint on the KI Characters for new beginners, For Orchid, I need help from people who know how she works and i need to know crucially, what characters from the whole roster are difficult opponents for her, and what are characters are safe for her to play against. You will definitely receive credit for the help. ~ Kieran

Well… I have played a bit of orchid haven’t gone crazy with her in ranked but my opinion on matchups are:

Jago: even
Sabrewulf: even
Glacius: difficult
Thunder: good
Sadira: difficult
Spinal: even
Fulgore: diffcult
TJ: good
Maya: difficult
Kan-Ra: good
Riptor: even
Omen: even
Aganos: good
Hisako: good
Cinder: even
Aria: difficult
KimWu: good
Tusk: good
Arbiter: good
rash: even
Mira: difficult
Gargos: good
General Raam: good
Eyedol: even
Sorry I can’t be more specific (cause I don’t play orchid very often in ranked) but I thought I would try and help. Good Luck