KI Matchups, help needed! ~ Mira

Hi, I’m currently making a matchup PowerPoint on the KI Characters for new beginners, For Mira, I need help from people who know how she works and i need to know crucially, what characters from the whole roster are difficult opponents for her, and what are characters are safe for her to play against. You will definitely receive credit for the help. ~ Kieran

I’ll add some tips that I stick to when fighting these characters

In Mira’s favor

Mira can easily avoid Aria’s tricky set ups with her Mist. Her bats have an easy time hitting Aria’s assist drones. And Mira pushes out so much damage that in 1 combo alone you can destroy one of Aria’s bodies. Also worth noting is that because you go through 1 extra fight screen, this gives Mira more opportunities to regain some recoverable damage between rounds.

Really the only thing you have to worry about Jago is his DP and charged up fireballs. Use bats to make yourself safe and go in for the mix up.

Kim Wu
I like to treat her like Hisako, Kim will use her counter to avoid Mira’s tricky cross ups, but like with Hisako I like to go for the cross up but not press a button. Kim Wu will try to counter and you’ll be open for the punish. At full screen be careful not to be too dependent on your bats as Kim can counter them for Dragons or reflect them at you.

Orchid can slide through your bats for an easy punish so be careful about that. If Orchid is attempting to do the Ichi Ni San unblockable, where she charges her baton, you can mist upward or behind for an easy punish.

Riptor can’t really corner pressure you like she can with everyone else because of your mist. I, personally, still have a hard time with Riptor but I do feel like the match up is in Mira’s favor

Much like Jago watch out for his DP, also I wouldn’t use bats to much during neutral as he can do his running slide attack to avoid them.

Shadow Jago
Block and wait to punish.

So at first I had a really hard time against him and thought he was one of Mira’s worst match ups, but I was playing too close to him. Keep your distance and use bats. He has to either block em, which is when you can go in, or he will DP. If he DPs try your best to block them and go for the punish. At full screen he can’t mix you up with his Sammamish Skyfall.

TJ Combo
If he uses Last Breath you can actually mist to avoid the shockwave and you will be face to face with him. Really comes in handy when they don’t expect it.

Similar to Thunder keep your distance and go in when they block the bats. I wouldn’t mist near him as he can simply do a cr.HP that has incredible reach and hurts a lot.

You can mist to ignore his grenade explosion, and if you time it just right you can cross up Arbiter while it explodes. Pretty badass if you can land it.

Use j.MP to knock him out of the air. Use bats or HK on Gargos’s wake up to keep him blocking. Go at him and don’t stop. Many Gargos’ will use Heavy Reckoning to force you to block so they can activate Instinct safely. But Mira can actually mist riiiight before he hits you and you can punish him before he can Instinct. If you mist on time but can’t punish on time before he instincts, just go for c.HK

General Raam
Keep your distance and use the bats for mix ups. If he blocks the mix up, run away and try again. Because of your health system Raam can kill you very quickly if you don’t be careful. If he uses his running move to get to you just use s.MP, it has great reach and will hit Raam for an easy punish.

I usually take this match very slowly. Use bats to cancel out 1 or 2 of his hails, every now and then a bat or 2 will hit him. If the spacing is right you can mist behind him while he uses hail. Glacius will use many jumping air attacks, make sure you hit him first with j.MP

About even

While he has no meter use your bats to remove any chunks of armor he may have. Be sure to use s.MP, j.MP, and j.HP to apply pressure and to remove 2 chunks instead of 1 since these attacks hit twice. When he does have meter now is the time to not use your bats, they are easily punishable by his shadow Ruin. If you can maintain zero chunks you will have a good time. If he has meter, chunks, and walls, you will be in a tough spot. You can mist around him but many Aganos’ will use his anti air light punch, this will hit you.

His fast teleport means you won’t be wanting to use bats a whole lot, unless he is already down. My advice is to just stick to the air. A smart Fulgore will teleport and pip cancel into DP to hit you, but if you mist the DP you can punish.

Not the most difficult match up. While she has both daggers try avoiding your cross ups, Maya’s anti air is amazing. If Maya is missing at least 1 dagger go ahead and try some cross ups since she can’t anti air.

This match up is boooooooooooooooring. Her air superiority makes it difficult to do any damage. Use j.MP to try and get her knocked down so you can go in. Problem is Sadira’s air dagger things make it difficult to hit her. Once you can manage to keep her grounded its really easy on wards to keep the pressure. This match up is one of the only times I’ve reached the time limit on a match. Yeah, it’s that slow.

Much like Sadira this match up can get boring. But is air wrecking ball can be Embraced and can be hit with Mira’s j.MP. Don’t throw out to many bats as he can eat them for meter. It is possible to anti air his wrecking ball follow ups but the timing is difficult.

The good thing about this match up is that you can mist at the cost of health as many times as you can, but Omen can only do the same at the cost of 1 meter. Still, his mix up game is very strong. You will want to keep him out of the air with j.MP but be careful his j.HK hurts a lot if it hits you.

Mira already has a hard time getting 2 Instincts and when fighting Spinal you can be lucky to barely get one. As with Fulgore using bats can be difficult since Spinal can teleport. Spinal doesn’t have that great of air mobility so go for
some cross ups.

Hisako has a lot of good tools to counter Mira. She has a counter, so cross ups are limited, and her j.MP and j.HP have good range to keep Mira out of the air. Try to fake out a cross up so she will go for the counter. Be careful though, good Hisako’s will instead go for their anti air, which is really good at keeping Mira out. Hisako’s teleport is pretty easy to punish so keep your distance and wait for it.

Not in Mira’s favor

It’s hard to keep up with his air moves. His fireball projectile beats your bats and can explode at you, dealing damage. If you get a fireball stuck on you your air mobility is limited. His burnout is also very good. If your torso is on fire you can’t use j.MP, which is a great move to use to keep him out of the air. Also his DP is good against her cross ups. It’s still very much a possible match to win, but it will require more patience.

Kan Ra
I have not fought very many Kan Ra’s this season so maybe this match up is better, but for the few games I do have against Kan Ra it was tough. For starters his scarabs are really good at keeping you away from him. You can mist out of them but this will leave you vulnerable to his grabs. That’s actually it really. I am all about going in and kicking booty but his scarabs prevent me from doing so.


I’d say Kan-ra MU is definitely in Mira’s favor. Her mist and air dash make kan’s zoning really really difficult for him and she can just rape him on wake up.

Gargos I’d say should be even simply because he completely stops Mira from using bats in the neutral, as all of them are punishable on reaction by Portal punch for a combo. He also has really good AA options to punish air dash attempts. Together, these two make it so Mira has to respect gargos in the neutral, and it in turn gives him the time to take out the minions and gain great advantage in the match.

Tusk seems like a tough MU for Mira, not in her advantage. His C.HP kills Mira’s mist options in her wake up, his j.MP outright beats her AA’s unless done really preemptively, he can bypass the bats with his command dash, and most importantly, for a character who uses up her own health any high damage burst character will be very dangerous. Tusk can easily turn a match around and steal the lifebar in a single opening or a good lockout, forcing Mira to play more conservatively than usual, limiting her offense.

Omen MU isn’t even, either. Omen’s neutral obliterates Mira’s. His FB’s and air movement make her bats completely useless for the most part, and with no reversal options his corner pressure becomes mind boggling. I’d say it’s one of Mira’s toughest MU’s, really.

Fulgore also should have the advantage, he has all the tools to shut down Mira’s neutral game, and great AA’s to deal with her air movement. His vortex with hard KD > fireball > TP is also mist safe, he has a lot of options to punish a mist attempt to escape.

Aganos is definitely in Mira’s favor. She dominates the neutral with bats and long range multi hitting normals, all of those moves strip him of chunks in one hit most of the times, and shadow bats are a free punish to a lot of things at long distance. His big hitbox and jump arc also make him easy to AA with M embrace. Lastly, his wake up dies to Mira’s setups. Only tool that’s really annoying in the MU is finger flip AA to deal with mist attempts in reaction, IMO.

What are FB’s?


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OOH OOH! *raises hand *

For a new Mira initiate, I’ve played a TON of this match, and it’s better than just Misting to get in his face against Last Breath! We get to Mist>airdash mixup>Ultra against Last Breath, and we can keep it tricky w/ all sorts of timing & spatial variances in conjunction w/ directional variants of Mist. It’s a beautiful thing.

Mira’s the best.

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