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Hi, I’m currently making a matchup PowerPoint on the KI Characters for new beginners, For Jago, I need help from people who know how he works and i need to know crucially, what characters from the whole roster are difficult opponents for him, and what are characters are safe for him to play against. You will definitely receive credit for the help. ~ Kieran

I’d say Sadira is my hardest matchup.
The others i feel there’s a lot of 50/50

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@DeadlyNadder792 Not sure if this post is still relevant to you, but here is my breakdown on Jago vs the entire cast. Just a quick disclaimer, I am by no means an expert on frame data, that is to say I am not well-versed in the way the entire cast works along with what options should be used with Jago based on said data. All my advice is taken entirely from experience and how I, as a player, feel the need to play a match a certain way to win in certain matchups.

Quick notes about Jago

  • Jago has one of the best neutral games in the game. His DP can catch a lot of characters who enjoy jumping while his zoning can hold its own against those who feel the need to sit back and play it at a distance.

  • Jago’s neutral game allows for a comfortable grounded situations where he can utilize his vast moveset to help him deal with different situations accordingly.

  • I didn’t know this until recently but, Jago has an autocorrect DP against players who like to mixup often. If Wulf is dashing though or Sadira is jumping in and out of crossups, input his dp backwards for an autocorrected DP that will catch most players on mixups.

  • The best way to gain health as Jago is while still in combo, activate your instinct. During this phase, quickly input fierce endo followed by a shadow endo, two more fierce endos, another shadow endo and finally a fierce endo. If your health is okay and choose to opt for damage during the instinct, you can cancel any endo into a shadow dp to cash out any and all damage. Just remember to add one manual where you would normally use a fierce endo.

  • Jago has some of the best and easiest manuals in the game, he can manual off many moves and make his old and easy to break autos into ambiguous and easy to lock-out combos. Learning the timing takes patience, but once masters any player who isn’t experienced in breaking, will lock-out often.

  • Conditioning is absolutely brilliant with any character and Jago is no exception. Because Jago is one of the most easiest to use characters, many players will have become so proficient with his autos that you might find people breaking often. This leaves players to the bait of conditioning. Often adding multiple heavies where they seem most expected can catch players in counter breakers, this give Jago the chance for maximum damage or health gain, should he have instinct.

  • Jagos strength weakens with the newer additions of the cast, or perhaps it is simply a lack of my knowledge. Either way, pay mind to the tendencies of players as well as the tech being used with the newer characters.

Season One

This season has matchups that mostly go in Jago’s favor, some can be difficult while others plain frustrating. But, with enough practice and patience, the Tiger Warrior can be victorious over most players.

Jago vs Jago
This match is brutal as it comes down to who makes better reads, makes less mistakes, and capitalizes the most on Jago’s tools. Neutral game is strong and requires you to play off your opponents weakness while taming his strengths. Truly, this match proves who is more well-rounded Jago as the victor will be the person who knows him more.

Jago vs Wulf
This match can either be your easiest matchup or your worst. Most Wulf players won’t utilize Season 3 tech, this allows for Jago to zone him and catch him while jumping in with DPs or running with windkicks. However, those who are knowledgeable with Season 3 tech will generally trump Jago in ambiguous mixups, flipouts and resets. The best way to counter is to play on Jago’s strong neutral and make critical decisions that will either grant you a victory or cost you a loss.

Jago vs Glacius
Since the Glacius nerfs whereas his shatter has a visual cue along as registering as projectile (I think), Jago can easily Shadow Windkick within range. Jago can also hold very well with his Endos even if Glacius has the option of casting all three hails at the same or different time. Pressure can often hurt Glacius as his options include puddle punch or puddling away, both of which are well within punishing range for Jago. Dealing with his shoulder charge may be tricky, but reading it correctly can allow for a chance to open Glacius up with a empty jump low or windkick. Be wary of his Instinct though, as it is easy to fall apart completely with his puddle mixup. Block either direction, usually puddle punch from behind and immediately shadow windkick to not only negate his armor, but allow for an easy manual setup into healthy combo.

Jago vs Thunder
This match will require patience, zoning isn’t as great as it was in Season 2 but it can still give you options now. Because Jago can Endo cancel, you can catch some Thunders in their jump with a solid DP. If Thunder uses his DPs for mobility he is often left open within Jagos windkick range. Should Thunder close the gap, watch for his Shadow COTE which can catch when you least expect. Patience and awareness will give Jago the match.

Jago vs Shago
This match is incredibly in Jagos favor. Shago was great upon his release despite being negative on most things. What caught players was just his unreactable moves and bizarre mixups. Now, he is negative on surged divekick and his pizza cutter is now easy to shadow counter. Most players will spam endos, block for most until you gain meter. Then use shadow endo and followup with charged endos of your own. A normal charged fireball can beat Shagos shadow endo, so don’t be generous in applying zoning pressure. Watch for his heavy slide and the followup. Anytime Shago has meter, assume the player will press buttons and used the surged version, quickly block back and forward to succesfully block his surged version. Also pay mind to his dash grabs and crossup divekick. Once you familiarize yourself with any of these, you can easily dominate the matchup.

Jago vs Sadira
Because Jago heavily a grounded character with a few air options, he has a tough time dealing with Sadira at first. That said, he has diagonal DP that has great range within Sadira’s striking range. However, Jagos DPs on command will take time getting used too, in terms of timing and range. Jump-happy Sadiras can get caught in counter DPs, which do massive damage, this will force her change of playstyle. Also remember that Jago has an autocorrecting DP so mixups can also be shutout with enough precision. Not to mention that Sadira had a massive damage nerf so she will have to work for her damage a lot more than before.

Jago vs Orchid
This match is tough but not unbeatable. Orchid can now recapture from air grabs so it isn’t a good idea to jump. I prefer zoning her out and building meter as she blocks. Watch for her slide which is a lot slower than Shagos, you can punish her with a well-timed crouching low. Be patient and don’t play into her game, watch for easy shadow counters and dp opportunities on jumps. Her instinct is brutal if used correctly, she will keep you turtling as she delivers a plethora of attempts to open up while always being safe. Annoy her enough with enough zoning to make easy reads.

Jago vs Spinal
I have always felt that this matchup was Jago’s worst, and if the Spinal knows of the advantage over Jago, it can still be one of his worst. Fortunately not many see it that way and ignore the option to use shadow skull and skulls. Both of which hurt Jago tremendously since he needs instinct to regain health and meter to give him options. Spinal will often teleport but grabs will instantly shut him out on those options. The problem isn’t really trying to open Spinal up as much as it is keep Spinal at your pace. He can absorb specials so normals are a must to get in. Also, his grab is stellar since he can easily run in or catch you on a punish. His instinct allows for all skulls to remain on screen but this is actually where Spinal is most vulnerable as you can catch him off-guard from sending his skulls with a shadow windkick. Also, stay away from corners and do what you must to keep the match centered in the middle, nothing worse than dealing with Spinal in the corner.

Jago vs Fulgore
This match is another of Jagos hardest, Fulgore has similar and frankly better options to deal with Jago. You cannot zone because he will either teleport behind you or use heavy eye laser. You can’t play neutral game because Fulgore has his most lethal setups at neutral range. As a Jago, patience and reads are the emphasis of this matchup. Seeing how Fulgore reacts to pressure, or blocking. Seeing how he attempts to mixup and open you up must be processed quickly during the match so that you can adjust accordingly throughout the match using any of Jagos wonderful tools. I have gotten lucky with being aggressive in this matchup but patience is the way of the tiger.

Since this post is rather late, I’m not sure if it is helpful anymore. Should you need more of my non-statistical based information, feel free to ask!

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