KI Matchups, help needed! ~ Arbiter

Hi, I’m currently making a matchup PowerPoint on the KI Characters for new beginners, For Arbiter, I need help from people who know how he works and i need to know crucially, what characters from the whole roster are difficult opponents for him, and what are characters are safe for him to play against. You will definitely receive credit for the help. ~ Kieran


Hello, experienced played of arbiter here, to understand a character matchups, I do believe a quick summary of his strenghs and weaknesses is needed.
The whole goal for arbiter is to stick a grenade and perform wake-up mixups as long as he can, to achieve this, he as multiple tool: slow but long range normal, an overhead special to keep the pressure, a command grab to be feared and extremely good air-born projectile; all of this are his main way of oppening combo or stick a grenade to the opponent.
An other of his strong point is his defences, a meter burn keepaway and the “reset button” self exploding grenade, rendering opponents mixup not too scray.
Then he must use the fear that bring the grenade to keep his opponent in an endless loop of combos. There’s far more to it but that’s the essential.

After saying that his counter as well as his farvorable match up should become clear.

Anyone who can ignore his grenade should be extremely good,
anyone who can play around his strong defenses should also
and anyone who can simply avoid his ground game as well.
The one whom arbiter should be good against should be the one having a hard time with the tree point mentionned above.

But I could explain this forever and explain all match up case by case so instead heres this:
All these are based on my opinion and experience I had against and may not be acurate.
jago - 5(for arbiter) / 5(for jago) - strong footsies make it hard to approache and begin combo, but once it’s on…
sabrewulf - 6 / 4 - wulf mixup potential heavely negated by arbi defense, also long range normal make it hard for wulf
glacius - 4 / 6 - better range than arby and can avoid lot’s of grenade mixup with shield and water form/uppercut
thunder - 4 / 6 - shadow command grab to avoid grenage, and dps hard to counter with arby lack of low
sadira - 7 / 3 - as soon as sadira is on the ground she has a hard time getting out of it, once in the air, there’s still resistance
orchid - 6 / 4 - arby shield render orchid instinct almost useless, mixup defense makes it hard for her as well
spinal - didn’t figured the match up well
fulgore - 6 / 4 - week against grenade his long range game is crushed by arbi’s
shadow jago - 5 / 5 - ground game favorable for jago but lack of damage and and unsafe move can be paid deerly (match up influenced by player way of of playing greatly)
tj combo - 7 / 3 - arbi’s long range and mix up is a pain for him as ther is very few opion to avoid, required a lot of commitment for tj
maya - 4 / 6 - dager goes through arby’s shield meaning vunerability to them, also hard to catch due to maya hight mobility
kan-ra - 5 / 5 - first to set-up has the advantage
riptor - not enought experience
omen - 6 / 4 - shield renders almost every projectile useless, but ghost form (?) can avoid grenade
aganos - 5 / 5 - no move to go around aganos armor except execive use of carabine, once aganos has no armor it’s all good but quite hard when he has
hisako - 3 / 7 - better normals and deadly counter due to lack of low, ask lot’s of commitment for arby
cinder - 3 / 7 - restricting punches use create a realy hard time for arby as 80% of his moves are punch, also cinder can be hard to catch
aria - never played against decent player
kim wu - not enought experience (would tend to favorable for arby)
tusk - 6 / 4 - deflect doesn’t work well against arby, long range normal can anoy tusk a lot
rash - 5 / 5 - slippery little toad is hard to get, but his pressure is neglated and he also is quite weak to grenade
mira - 6 / 4 - mist form doesn’t help her a lot, must use lot of blood to to get to what she wants
gargos - almost never played the match up
general RAAM - too soon to say

I just realised it was for “new begginer”, whatever, it might still be useful for someone, also sory for the typos.

Not really relevant to OP but in most match-up number situations, I think the x/y setup is usually x is Arbiter and y is his opponent, not other way around. Makes it difficult to read.

Related to OP: C.W.O.T.C. has a good assessment. Arbiter has a strong mix-up and pressure game as well as good footsies due to long normals but struggles when he is slower than the opponent and lacks strong defense/wake-up game (over shield and face-grenade are good options but he lacks in the back-dash department and armor, plus over shield and face-grenade aren’t great options). Any character that can ignore the threat of grenade and can compete with his normals are going to give him trouble. As far as specific characters, I’d need more time to break it down. May post a second reply later when I have more time.

There, edited the " x/y " part.