KI Lore and Kings / People In Power / Leaders Being Massive Jerks

With the release of Spinal’s backstory (which is awesome in my opinion!), anyone else notice how all the Warlords/kings/leaders/individuals who have any form of mass political, financial, or physical power in KI history are kinda massive… jerks / dutch-bags??? (psa: I love the Dutch. Beautiful women, great chocolate, so no hating lol)

Like seriously… even when they’re being jerks to bad people it’s like the possibly WORST form torture or punishment ever!

  • Kan-Ra’s ancient King cursing his body to rot while he’s still alive. Yup… that sounds like a totally justifiable Jerk punishment for black sorcery. I know, I know, KR is a total Jerk himself, and probably deserves worse. But do you see his smile? Could melt the face off a nun full of school buses.

  • ARIA wanting to Evolve or kill EVERYONE is basically jerk-school 101. Great choices lady… If you didn’t look great in heels I’d totally call you out on your saucy jerky-ness! … Damn those heels…

  • Gargos jerking it up big time by taking over the world and possessing people’s bodies (We all know in his dimension he totally sleeps on a bed of cosmic silk, diamonds, and Omen concubines)

  • And now Spinal’s backstory showing he was forced by some king to wear a mask that makes him do whatever his master says even if it’s horribly painful and cruel to the point where he loses all the flesh on his body! Mega jerk move! Yeah yeah I know Spinal’s kinda a dutch-bag himself… but his laugh is just so full of joy and stabby murder-love!

I mean outside of Aganos’ master freeing him (also the dude who cursed KR), I can’t think of another nice leader.

I half expect any new character introduced in Season 3 to be a slave of, worked for or is still working for some Quantum Level Jerktacular Jerk King/Lord/CEO. Not that I’m against it. Jerks make everything better, kinda like bacon and cinnamon…

… Cinnamony Bacon? … Do I dare live the dream???

(((Shatter wipes drool from his mouth)))

Anyway. What do you think? Does KI need more Jerk people in charge of things? Or could we use more Benevolent Brotastic, Bromancing, Baby-Kissing, Booty-Hugging kings/queens/executive lords of darkness?

Also if any of my awesome factually correct fact-ing is INFACT wrong, call me out on it. Just no Te@-b@gging. That would be kinda jerky…

Lol! I’m half expecting the King, or a descendant of his, to be a playable character in S3 now with all the nods to him.

I do think you have a point though, that even the characters that could be classified as “good guys” are just as much jerks as the bad guys. The King in particular comes to mind here. But ARIA, I don’t consider a jerk, more of a realist. She is completely logic based, so she isn’t doing what she is to feel better, or be jerky, but to reach a logical end. No other character you mentioned is doing that…except Gargos, well maybe…we don’t know his motivations yet.

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Yeah you have a point. Someone’s definitely gotta introduce some “Maybe don’t kill ALL the people!” Programming into her AI logic lol

And you’re right we don’t really know what Gargos is really up to. It can’t be good for humanity, but we’ll just have to wait until Season 3 is released before we realize his true motivations.

I’m assuming he just wants hugs… lots and lots of indecent sexually harassing hugs… (psa: I do not condone sexual harassment in any form. Especially from all powerful cosmic beings of unspeakable darkness… seriously though, I don’t).


Gargos I’m sure isn’t looking to make nice nice with people. But maybe Earth was his and people banished him? Then he wouldn’t be being a jerk necessarily, he may just want revenge or something.

Maybe he wanted a hug, and people denied him…and then threw off the planet! Maybe humanity was the jerk first. Lol!

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Jerks begat unto jerks??? For shame humanity.

I always found it interesting that IG decided to give Omen a very Japanese face mask. It always gave me the impression that Gargos had been here before and his past involvement in Earth’s history have left marks/clues.

Also anyone who where’s a mask to a fight is kinda a jerk:

Omen… Vega… Jason Voorhees… So stabby… So Jerk…

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Masked jerks running around ruining things…

And Omen’s Oni mask does bring up some potential story beats. I guess it means that Oni actually do exist in the KI universe, and Gargos may be the King / God Oni.

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Yeah I had that theory too. Could definitely be interesting.

I think you have a good point, we already have 3 characters linked together by this Ancient Babylonian King. Arganos, Kan’Ra, and now Spinal.

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That ancient Babylonian King has a real fetish for the most ridiculously overblown and cruel punishments on the planet…

I mean how does he treat his average servants?

“Awww the maid didn’t flatten the sheets properly… Whelp! I guess I’m going to have to hack off her feet!”

I assume that’s what he’d do! I mean the sheets! NOT FLAT!? What kind of monster doesn’t properly flatten sheets!?!?!?!?

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Nah, it was the trend of that age. Everybody did it

Real world punishments are even worse

Look at this

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Maybe the baba king was gargous :wink:

Omg this is awsome!



Tj combo
Kim Wu

NUTRAL: (on personal missions or show more sense than JUST killing) (4)

Saber wulf

BAD GUYS (no good at all pure killers or masters) (9)

Shadow jago / omen
Kan Ra

Id actually say it was kinda balanced.

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Move Aria and Cinder to bad. Move Hisako to Neutral. Move Fulgore to god tier,