KI lobbies with 3rd Strike parries

Devs said that new multiplayer mode will allow playing with Shadow Lords modifiers online. I feel like whole lobbies using item which gives 3rd Strike parry ability will be a big thing.

it will go MUCH deeper than that.

People will have free breakers, extra health, do extra damage, on top of having new moves and all that.

Yea, i know there will be a lot of configurations. I meant parries only for give 3rd Strike flavor to KI.

That would be ironic, how KI would be more SF like than new SF games.

Yeah. This new mode is just going to be ridiculous, lol! Like SF4 Omega mode.

I hope there will be items which make taunts and tbags give meter, LOL.

There are. In order to activate some of the “guardians” you have to press the taunt button. Thing is though, you can activate the thing in combo as well by pressing taunt so you’ll have less/no risk.

So you have options here, in that you can use the practically and with less risk in combo, or you can do them with a raw taunt and risk getting punished.