KI just feels muddled up

All these lil patches and small updates and new updates have changed this game like crazy ovver the last few months. But I am noticing some constant bugs and here are somethings that should be looked into

-Announcer can’t keep up with game

-Announcer doesn’t even know when the round is over some times

-Sloppy lighting durring counter and combo breakers

-The fighters should get better lines

They do have a specific thread for reporting/discussing bugs.

Keits has stated that only bug fixes (which do alter balance of course) are in store till Season 3 launches.

If fixing bugs is changing the game like crazy… At least it’s not like having 8 different arcade machines lined up beside each other like they used to try to back in the day.

Spinal’s anti-curse has been fixed to allow him to flourish in his top tier potential hasn’t it?

this probably should get moved to the bug section, but lock out signs are not showing when getting locked out too, and some red lock outs are finished in one second.

Are you sure this isn’t because you’re dropping your combo after the lockout appears? Because that’s what will happen.

As for everything else, none of that has happened to me. The announcer keeps up just fine, the lighting is how it should be, lockouts always came out when they were suppose to, etc.

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could be…

Could be not though, because I usually play with my mic, and when wierd things happen it happens to both of us and both of us try to find out what happened. lol, so I think the game is just undergoing some polish. It’s just messin up my groove mannn…

To be fair, Sabrewulf’s stage nearly blinds me now… its def not dark and eerie like it use to be since the last patch.

That’s not one of the things he mentioned. I’m sure they’ll fix that. They’ve done it before.