KI is Free to Play - No Xbox Live Gold Needed!

Breaking news- Killer Instinct is now genuinely a free-to-play game, and now your friends without
a Xbox Live Gold subscription have no excuse to not give KI a try, as its online multiplayer is available for everyone to enjoy!

Online Multiplayer for Free-to-Play Games Unlocked Starting Today - Xbox Wire

This is only good news for KI, as it gives even more people to discover and fall in love with this game. Cool!

And while I have your attention: Killer Instinct: Tesla Edition Confirmed:

chris woelfel on Twitter: “So I wanted to test out @XboxGamePass Cloud Gaming on my @Tesla and here you go. Soutout to the Xbox Team. @XboxP3” / Twitter

Fight on,



KI Tesla Edition. Whats this one about?

So if I bought the definitive edition and installed that, I can cancel my xbox live subscription and still play online?

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thats what its saying

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Ah- Someone is streaming Killer Instinct to their Tesla’s Windows-based onboard computer via Game Pass. I thought it was neat.

KI Tesla


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