KI in Project X-cloud testing

Hey, I thought I’d let everyone know, just in case anyone wanted to try out KI on X-cloud.

I know with fighting games the latency could be a deal-breaker, but personally I’ve played MK11 and SF4 on Nvidia’s cloud service, and latency wasn’t that bad. I honestly couldn’t tell there was any. So if X-cloud’s infrastructure is on par with Nvidia’s (I’d wager even better) it should be a pretty smooth experience.


Just saw this too and was rushing over to post! This is great news!

I’d love to try it but I don’t have an Android. And I don’t know if my controller is Bluetooth compatible

What is X-Cloud?

It’s what Microsoft is calling their game streaming service. Kinda similar to what Google’s doing with Stadia where they stream gameplay from their servers and you don’t have to have a dedicated console to play games on. The difference with X-cloud is you can still play games offline on Xbox as well, or you can even stream from your own Xbox, plus they have Gamepass.

So I can play a game without downloading it essentially? And if I’m at my brother’s place and want to play a game I own but he doesn’t, I could just sign in to my account and play from his system?

It’s a cool idea. I’m just kind of wary of all of these X-As-Service type things that are coming in vogue. I don’t like not having physical access to the things I buy, as EULA’s are generally structured to let company’s do whatever they want and stick you with the bill anyway when stuff doesn’t work as planned. I don’t even like Office 365 for that reason - I’ve got a valid Word, but it randomly desyncs itself sometimes, and when it does it completely shuts me out of a product that I bought because it doesn’t want to authenticate properly. Wound up having to do a bunch of writing in Notepad on my last US/Singapore trip because of that crap…

Plus, I’d kind of like to just buy things once for the most part. Subscription fees (especially for things that were standalone purchases previously) tend to make me angry :-p

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Yeah, I’m wary of what this might lead to in ten years.

But it’s not just “you can stream and play from someone else’s console.” It’s more like “You can stream and play from your phone, the LCD display on your coffee maker, your buddy’s iPad, a reflection in a pool of water etc.!”

I feel like it will never work for fighting games because who wants even an additional 5 ms delay in a fighting game? But it might work well for RPGs and single player action games that don’t require ms timing.


The xCloud testing sounds extremely cool, but since I finally abandoned Windows Phone for an iPhone earlier this month, I won’t be able to try it for myself just yet. Here’s hoping that KI will come to iOS soon!

-Zenek :green_apple:

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