Ki HitBoxes

Whatttt aaa f@ck??? Where is hit box??? Why??? Just tell me why???

ki hitbox against Mira

You can easily find out on practice mode, with Hitboxes activated^^.

Edit: But it’s kinda obvious that a down move has his hitbox…low ^^"

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and why hitbox work on Shago’s Dark Drift?

It’s not a matter of hitboxes at all, but rather that her special move (the drill-kick thing - I forgot what it was called) low profiles, which means it’s upper-body invulnerable. Jago’s wind-kick hits high though, and is lower body invulnerable too, so with both combined it’s understandable why she would pass right through.


hope fix this… Against shadow counters.

Well certain shadow counters will beat that.

It’s not the only move that will whiff shadow counters, Omen’s also does it and they said it’s intentional so I doubt this’ll get changed.