Ki having the chance to be something even bigger!

So story wise killer instinct coming back to me is showing that rare games are fun and worth bringing back. What if we could use killer instinct to make multiple rare games as one game universe.

  1. Rash guesting and coming in through a portal just like gargos is about to means the killer instinct universe has multiple dimensions so battle toads could be either the same dimension that gargos if form or a different one. Whose to say the queen they hunt in battle toads isn’t someone doing gargos bidding as he hides in the shadows.
  2. If Joanna dark shows up datadyne could be another spy agency that teams with orchid to take down ultratech.
    These two guest appearances could also be a theme and story to bring both these series back and tie them into killer instinct Ina. Very cool way. Imagine a new perfect dark trying take down ultratech and orchid makes an appearance. Or a new battletoads game and you end up fighting some creatures that are following gargos order. There is a real possibility for an amazing 3 game series tie in!
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No it doesn’t, they’re refererring to the industry that focuses on advanced technology. If it were the name of something then it would have been capitalized.

Let’s just cut the sh*t…They should bring in Dom, Marcus or RAAM.

Battletoads new game having some KI references and even an apperance of some KI people? YYEEES!!!