KI has got to be more social. Here's 3 maybe 4 things that could be implemented

I’m not a super hardcore fighting game expert but im not a scrub either. I love KI and think it’s really fun but none of my friends play it. And they all play fighting games (mainly SF, MvC, and MKX). I thought it was because KI was a console exclusive but they still dont play it now that its on PC. And now that MvC has been announced, all the hype is for that and im starting to think they’ll never play it. I’ve realised its because of the brand (MK, MvC and SF are just bigger brands, sad facts). So it frustrates me that KI isn’t more social. It’s so hard to get someone to jump on KI because it’s a bit different from other fighters and they can’t be bothered to learn it (though i know if they did, they would absolutely enjoy it).
They’d rather learn the game they’re used to, or the one that most people are playing.

Here’s what i think needs to be added to the game:

  1. A two-player online training mode: you’re more likely to learn the game if a friend can introduce you to it, rather than picking it up on your own.

  2. A two on two battle mode: not like tekken tag because i think you’d need to update the mechanics and that’s too much work, but more like how it is when you fight 2 mimics on shadow lord’s mode. Me and a friend should play online against someone and their friend. one on one. If I die, then that person faces my friend with the same amount of health that I left him with. etc etc. In all honesty the more the merrier, a 6 on 6 would be epic.

  3. A lobby mode similar to how MKX does it. so you could create a lobby, title it how you like and people can scroll through all available rooms and hop into the ones that interest them.

  4. better spectator mode, not just in the lobby. if my friend sees me online on xbox and sees that im playing killer instinct, he should be able to just spectate. (like how you can do in CS:GO) seeing people play makes you want to play more.

The last one I’m not too confident about. But the point is, KI is a really fun game and it irks me that people who I know would enjoy it don’t play it because it feels too cult. The game has got to be more social, I honestly think it’s imperative. what do you guys/girls think? Any other suggestions? or am i way off

We have a lobby mode though, complete with search parameters. Have had it since Season 1! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats very true and the search parameters are a huge boost from what it was at launch but i dont feel the lobby mode we got is social enough. I feel MK does it better.

I think that lobbies are usually best used when you invite friends directly.
I can’t speak for the matchmaking since I’ve only ever used matchmaking for ranked. But I think it’d be more sensible to ask improvements to the lobby mode than asking for a feature we already have. Makes it easier to figure out what you’re asking for and prevent further misunderstandings. :slight_smile:

These are features I wouldn’t mind being implemented in the fututr.

You should tell your freinds to at least give the game a try. It’s a free game to download and you can play through ALL the modes with whichever free character they have, It’s one of the worlds most gracious demos so they can try it and see if they actually like it.

Also if need be, send a GT My way I’m yhinkinh of playing some KI today ‘w’

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