KI Gold Useful In The Future of Season 3?

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So i recently heard that KI Gold would have different or many uses down the line of Season 3 and i couldn’t help but to shine a couple of ideas of my own with the forums and mostly the community itself!, i’m open to any feedback and i want to hear what you guys have to say! so by any means i’m open to any feedback.

first, we all know KI Gold currently can buy you all sorts of new colors and accessories for your favorite characters. so that being said many fans have requested new colors in season 3 across the cast of S1, S2 and even S3 characters now. adding 11, 12 and 13 wouldn’t sound like a bad idea at all. so why not make an exclusive in game market for additional colors 11, 12 and 13 for all characters using KI Gold? ( excluding shago since he has a 10 and 11, but can be given a color 12 and 13 for sure! ) i didn’t say 10 because color 10 is now an exclusive color for the new KI action figures that been recently rolled out. i would love to see some unique colors across the cast, e.g having a dark/evil color scheme for jago! like a shadow jago kind of vibe. also would like to add that new accessory sets are more than welcome to have a say in this as well! something similar to how premium accessories are unique and different to that character, but adding it to the “exclusive in-game market”. now even if “every character” wouldn’t be able to receive a color 11, 12 and 13 or a “additional” premium like accessory set, i would like to see this market have a variety of cool and different color schemes/accessory sets for characters in season’s 1, 2 and 3.

last but not least: being that KI Gold is paid with actual money and turned into an in-game currency, if this market does end up being implemented or there happens to be another great use of it from IG down the line of S3. it be nice to have it rewarded but in small portions through easy to more difficult challenges similar to trials but actually rewarding you KI Gold in small portions, the harder the challenges get the more KI Gold you’ll be rewarded. now these are just idea’s i had and some little brainstorming building up to the release of season 3, so feel free to drop any feedback :grin: !

Anything as long as they don’t make a new game mode that is pay to play.


well yeah, the challenge idea i had was free to play as an addition to those who want KI Gold but don’t want to pay with real money, can have a chance at it through in-game challenges.