KI Gold to Obtain Premium Accessories in S3?

During the stream today we got to see the accessories for Rash & Kim Wu. It was also mentioned that the premium accessories would require you to use KI Gold in order to obtain them.

I know that no pricing/bundle details have been released yet for S3, so we don’t know if S3 will have an Ultra Edition or not. But for the Ultra Editions of S1 & S2 we got the premium accessories for free. Just wondering if we’ll still be able to acquire the premium accessories for S3 like we could before, or if you have to use KI Gold in order to get them now.

I have a feeling they will allow them to be purchased through ki gold as well… with a ultra edition upgrade still being a cheaper option for all of them. I also have the sneaky suspicion that more premium or ki gold accessories will be added if they do well. Specially if the game takes off well with the inclusion of pc.

I don’t think it’ll change. Ultra will get you everything, but if you didn’t get that, you can buy them with KI Gold.

They said at the end of the stream today, that we’d be able to preorder the Ultra Edition of Season 3 on Friday. And only the Ultra Edition.

@Rukizzel did say they will have multiple Editions.

That’s good to hear. Wasn’t able to catch the whole stream yesterday so didn’t hear about that bit of info at the end of it. Glad that it’ll most likely be the same as it was for the Ultra Editions of S1 & S2. I need that Afro Rash in my life.