KI Gold, Consumables and Guardians all gone

Since the update this morning all of it is gone. Little help?


As with every time this happens, I recommend a full power down of the xbox (including power cycling it) or verifying your date/time/location settings on the computer, since these often cause this kind of issue.

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The same thing happened to me. I’ve lost all my KI Gold, Astral currency and all my Guardians. It has nothing to do with power cycle as I do it every time. Something has gone wrong.

Same for me, all KI gold gone and everything in SL mode gone, guardians, consumables, astral gems the lot.

I’ve checked again after a restart. Everything’s lost. Thousands of KI Gold, thousands of the blue currency, all my Guardians and consumables. OMG. I’ve purchased a lot of Guardian packs and everything, played a lot of Shadow Lords. I sure won’t buy 3000+ KI Gold again.

I’m in the same boat. Everything is gone. Had so much and now nothing. Feel sick from all the time I’ve put in.

Same here, had about 18.000 in Ki gold from season 3 invested in guardian packs, plus some leftover from the shago fund and also about 10.000 guardian food and almost 15.000 of the blue SL currency. Not to mention a solid inventory for back-up purposes…

It would be nice to hear something from the development team, whether they can restore our progress or not. If not then we’re in big trouble.

I’m sure it will either be fixed or remedied in some way. Some have paid lots of money for Gold and Guardians, others have spent weeks adding it all up. They won’t just let it be taken away.


They HAVE to. Some of this stuff was purchased with KI Gold. Deleting someones purchases and then shrugging it off is a good way to get yourself slapped with a lawsuit. Besides the dev teams too good to just not do anything.

Yeah I have faith in them as well. Let’s wait and see what happens. It was quite shocking to see the empty Guardians screen and the 0 KI Gold at the top-right corner. :confused:

I’m hoping this is just a server issue on their end as the update is still getting pushed through for most people. But if it’s overwritten my progress/KI gold I wouldn’t know what to say. Shocking. Fingers crossed until we hear something on the matter.

I certainly hope so. I was playing on the PC doing the daily stuff waiting for the patch. I closed the game, came here to see this, so I opened up the game again just to take some screenshots just in case, but everything was reset to zero. Countless hours worth of stuff.

i also lost all my Ki gold and consumables and guardians!

Yeah I dread to think how many hours I’ve sunk into it only for it to go missing. Darent do anything else on the game atm in case it overwrites it. Hoping that one of the team can chime in and let us know what’s going on so I can relax a little.

I would certainly think that given all this data is stored server-side, they would have some sort of daily snapshots/backups in place in the case of an emergency. Hopefully it’s just a syncing hiccup as the PC patch does not seem to be out yet.

Hey everyone,

The Dev team for KI is aware of this issue (inventory & wallet are pointing to an incorrect service) and they are currently working on a fix. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more from them.

I heard back from the Devs - this should now be fixed! :smiley:



Yep, I have all my stuff back now, thanks.

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All my stuff is accounted for.

It’s all gewd!