KI gamerpics now up on XB1

Check it out guys new gamerpics are up for KI and other games like Gears! Enjoy already got my scrubby Tusk reppin’


NICE! Finally I am united with Chiharu!

Thanks for the heads up OP!

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No problem! Been waiting for this for awhile and I know others have too! Was a nice surprise to say the least.

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Sad to see no Spinal or even Fulgore. I hate to complain because it’s been such a long time coming but I’m a little sad. I’m rocking Gargos for now.

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Fulgore pls :frowning:

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Can anyone post pics? I won’t get a chance to check them out until tomorrow.

You should be able to check them out on

Sweet, snagged ARIA. <3. Oddly enough all the S3 characters are there along with all S2 and 2 S1.

Shout out to @TempusChaoti - I remember way back when when you said you thought this sounded like a cool idea, and you’d mention/talk to someone about it, even though it was a different department. You guys continue to be awesome :slight_smile::thumbsup:


Yes, thank you @TempusChaoti. We truly appreciate the effort Adam. I just set mine to Cinder.


No Shadow Jago? Oh well. At least the Gears Of War logo is up.

Give it time, they may have the rest of the cast later on. At least they got all the “hot” characters.

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I think ARIA falls under the “Cool” characters if you know what I mean.

Pretty cool stuff, although my boy fulgore ins’t there its good to have pics for KI for anyone on XBL.
By the way @TempusChaoti are we gonna see fulgore and spinal pics anytime soon? :wink:

They have Cinder. You guys are the best!


Thank you so much Adam! This is awesome! Switching to Jago pic now!

Got my Riptor Pic! Thanks @developers !!!

Kim Wu Pic all day!


:sob: no Sadira.

Ahh well, Hisako will do. I kind of liked the season 2 blue background for s2 characters though.

Changed mine to Gargos for now; hopefully we get the missing characters’ pictures at some point!

Thanks for going to bat for the KI community and getting things moving, @TempusChaoti!

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