Ki future

So season 4 is possible???

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I don’t think season 4 would be a possibility. Each season has had something new to bring to the table, and something that would draw KI’s older audience back.

Season 1: Most of the core cast.
Season 2: KI2 cast introduced. Returning KI 1 favorites. Stage Ultras.
Season 3: KI2 cast completed. Ultimates?

Don’t get me wrong. I love KI, but they would need to put some serious muscle behind a season 4 to make it a worthwhile purchase, and I’m pretty sure IG and MS know that.


they could not add characters but add a new interface new outfits story expansion cutscenes improve shadow lab and online mode add no mercy ultimate and a lot of more things that will be awesome in ki
and more bigger then just a update

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Anything is possible.

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Season 4: all original characters to add to the lore.

Its possible. That’s all.


Season 4: Attack of the Clones
Kago: Jago’s rival who has the same fighting style.
Aberwulf: Another werewolf that Sabrewulf wants dead.
Icicle: Another member of Glacius race that has come looking for him.
Lightning: Another member of Thunder’s tribe.
Masochista: Sadira’s apprentice.
Dorchid: Orchid’s old spy partner.
Sternum: Spinal’s father.
Shadow Kago: Shadow version of Kago.
Fulgore: Another Fulgore unit.


In all possibilities, yes :wink:

Omg clones no never! Lol

Killer instinct season 4 why not? Some of the new characters are the best.

Id totally buy season 4. We just need to move the story on a bit and get excited about new characters and possibilities.

I guess we have to let go of KI being a reboot and consider it a new game all together. Look at MK and SF they rely on their crown jewl charasters heavily but entwine new characters into the story really well

For example look at rose and charlie from SF or even Cassie cage and jacky brigs in MK10

All new players but they totally make sense and are now fully fledged staples in the game. These new characters actually give the old ones more character.

Maybe we look at the characters in the game and tie them in.

Its impossible to say untill we play season 3 but lets hope season 3 characters are more open ended with possibilities to more to come from them.

This gives me some ideas.

Season 5: Rise of Clones 2
KI Ultra: Trained in TJ’s gym for a day
Aya: Ex-Night Guard with a staff
Man-Ra: The queen Kan-Ra seduced back from the dead
Velo: Another batch of dinosaurs made in case the other ones got out of hand again
Nomen: Spirit from inside Shadow Kago
Rock: Another golem with feelings
Hisao: Hisako’s father
Heatshade: Cinder’s hot sister
ARIAC: Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture Clone


I remembered that the plan was to have this KI last through out its lifespan.
Season 5 could add (assuming they go this way)
Classic Stages
a brand new story mode with all the characters playable
special stage
More accessories

I dom’t think any of these will happen. though.

I think it’s a possibility in soe form, I don’t know if they ever have plans to make a season4 but I know they said we should expect the original cast to be re untied by season3 (that’s speaking of course if Eyedol makes it)

I can imagine season4 being the go to for features we wanted, but could not get in season3, potentially Ultimates, or a mode we’ve been wanting but were unable to get.

I can imagine features people wanted and MAYBE some tweaks here and there to be something big for season4.


IF their is ever a season 4…


^ and that is a BIG if!

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Midway didn’t make Killer Instinct, they made arcade machines which sort of made them like publishers. Saying netherelms should work on KI is like saying Nintendo should work on it again.

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I’d rather have a KI4 than a season 4.
New KI built from the ground up which would allow them to introduce a lot of the things that were either taken away or weren’t possible do to the massive amount of restructuring that would have to be done to the current one like head tracking and having more than 2 characters on the screen at once.

I think it would be kind of cool to see Killer Instinct characters in a realistic Unreal Engine 4 format.

I just want to express my appreciation that this new KI is a reality at all. I waited for so long in hopes that I would see another KI hit a console, and when I discovered that it would, I was beyond words.

I’m also incredibly pleased with Microsoft’s commitment to KI. They could have easily left KI with 8 characters and called it a day, but they didn’t. Instead, they contracted Iron Galaxy who have re-envisioned some of my favorite characters and contributed to KI in an incredibly meaningful way.

So, yes, I want to see (and would totally buy) more seasons of KI, but I also don’t have any purchasing data that supports my enthusiasm for those. I think that’s why I was hesitant about a season 4. Not for my own reluctance, but because I worry about others who may not see the value.

That being said, I’m having a blast with KI. I love this game and will continue to play it until my xbox and PC die out.

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