KI Free Camera mode like in the trailers

Hey IG question: you guys know how you did the trailers? I was wondering if you ever get the time, could you perahaps give us that kind of ability in our replays?

I’ve always wanted to have a more cinematic feel with the fights I record and I think this would be an amazing mode to implement.

I don’t quite know how easy this may be to do for you guys since we don’t really quite know what goes in to making the trailers but if we could some how get this and make movies out of the game’s footage this would be awsome.

I did have an old topic like this before, but a lot of replies were coming out to it for awhile and well, I didn’t too many responses though it was overwhelmingly positive.

Plus I’d like to try and get more opinions on this idea. So perhaps by the end of season3 or after season3 is done we can get something like this as a possibility?

thank you for reading.


I support this request. I’ve seen a few featurettes that show the maps behind the camera don’t go that far, but I would love to be able to take a camera and explore the map itself and look at the models in extremely close detail.

Yes please

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Even then I think it’s a wonderful idea of just being able to veiw the fighters all from different angles as they battle out.

I fully support this it would be especially awesome for taking screen shots.

That is an awesome idea! If it’s not an easy task to give us this ability during replays, we should definitely request it as a goal for the community fund…a very low tier goal at any rate, lol!

Easy or not I have no real idea. But since I don’t work in IG’s circles I wouldn’t know how simple it was. But then again if I did, I’d be getting excited but also a bit flustered that I just can’t tell you what’d be in store. lol

But on track, I would love it if they could do this.