KI France League

Hi guys!

The French KI League has just started.
It is composed of 4 leagues and 40 players.

The 1st League is supposed to be the best.
The 4th the worse.

As it is my very first tournament, I start in League 4.
So far, I have had 2 fights. 1 win, 1 loss.

For my last fight, the other guy made a video. I share it with you here.
I had a hard time, a strong Thunder was facing me!
As I’m new to the game, I don’t have enough training for MUs yet. But I have good hope for the future :slight_smile:

I hope you will enjoy it anyway!

Hey @DulXboxOne ; @DyingAlloy66626 ; @RGLOfficial ; @KevBones10 ; @GalacticGeek
have a look guys :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about that. You’re still good Arbiter player! Hey, wanna learn my Arbiter’s tricks? If you learn my Arbiter’s tricks, then you will be better player than before!


Dude GREAT job on your first tournament. :slight_smile: Also really like your Arby grenade setups. PS I like retro Arby too lol!

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Sure! Whenever you are ready to teach me some stuff :slight_smile:

I like the editing. I watched the video in full. I’d like to get you in a party when you are free so we can talk about this.

I will make Arbiter setup and mixup dvr videos soon!


Any new international stuff is welcome, my friend. Keep it coming!

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Awesome! I’m looking forward to see that!