KI Fighting Styles

General RAAM - Rip Guts, Stomp Nuts Style

I dont think devs aimed with KI characters to resemble any particular fighting style. They are archetypical for certain martial artists, but nothing specific, as for example TJ is boxing/mma.

I would say we can connect Orchid, Jago and Kim Wu with actual martial arts, but it still would be a long shot.

That gave me an idea that KI could use an actual martial artist, someone who uses real (to possible extent) martial arts moves, like Akira from Virtua Fighter for example with various trip-command grabs, limbs breaking stuff, choking, etc.

RAAM is so much bigger thn everyone else, so he just reaches his fist lower because he’s too lazy to crouch down and hook them. Also, do the Locusts even have martial arts?

Id like to think so. Id call it Kryll-boxing. Or Grub-Chi.

Maya’s might also include a teeny bit of Brazil’s Capoeira the acrobatic dance-like style used by Eddy Gordo in Tekken but she uses it with her flipkicks more like how Blanka uses it for his normals in Street Fighter. Mostly I think she uses some system of fighting specially developed by the Night Guard but may have flavors of Capoeira and maybe either Silat or even French Savate kickboxing they may have encountered in their travels.


yeah the night gaurd seem to have an international sense of fighting style since they exist all around the world. sabrewolf family used to be in the nightgaurd in Germany. its funny that the descendant of a werewolf hunters turns into a wolf lol. i wouldnt be surprised if the night guard really did share their fighting style with each other to have a unique “night gaurd” style that combined facets of certain fighting style from around the world