KI Fighting Styles

Does anyone notice what fighting styles from the KI characters? Specifically the humans.


What? :confused:

Yeah different characters have different moves, tools and game plans. A diverse cast makes a good fighting game

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Sorry. Edited question. I missed “what”.

Meaning what are the fighting styles for the characters?

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Aganos mastered Chunk Kwon Do…wait a moment.


You hit buttons and then the characters do stuff

Most of the styles don’t have a real life counterpart.

TJ is a boxer with a bit of MMA.
Jago is a medley of various eastern martial arts.
That’s it, I think.

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Well Kim Wu is (I think) Kung Fu
Sabrewulf/Riptor is straight savagery
Orchid is kinda of a mixed bag there
Spinal’s is the master of the buccaneer style
Kan Ra’s is Soup Fu
Tusk masters the art of The DAH


Riptor - eat meal


Im trying to think what Riptor’s fighting style most CLOSELY resembles, but all that is making me do is realize how great a job the devs did with her move set.

She doesnt fight like anything other than a wild animal. Which is perfect. She has defensive and offensive moves that are typical in wild-life, and actually resemble what a wild animal would do in certain situations.

Don’t know why this is striking me as so beautiful right now, but it really is! I have a new appreciation for her move set! (and animations, by extension.)


The human KI characters/the human characters in Killer Instinct: Basically displaying different, unique, and eclectic fighting techniques from the various diverse Eastern AND Western martial arts/martial art styles :wink: :slight_smile:

Maya - stabby stab stab, throwy throw throw.
Mainly a vaguely gymnastics inspired move set, not a lot of which has any basis in reality.

Tusk - hitting things with a big sword, totally a fighting style.

Sadira - really, where do those webs come from?


Sadira practices Muay Boran boxing.
Kim Wu practices King Fu, but I don’t know which one specifically.

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Interesting question. I used to practice martial arts so after a little thinking, these are my thoughts…

Jago - I find a lot of Karate in good ol’ Jagos moves. Thrust kicks, roundhouse, straight punches…all classic elements of a Karate

Orchid - Ill go out on a limb to say i see Tae Kwon Do (think Juri from SF, an art that focuses on kicks) in her moves. Her arms dont do much, but her legs are where her moves are focused. Even her throws are more used with her legs than anything.

Kim Wu - Its stated and cannon for hers to be Kung Fu. I personally find more Wing Chun (focused on touch and speed, and grappling to a certain degree) in her moves. Shes intended to be fast in her movements and her dragon grasp, technically a grapple, is a tricky “over here” kind of move. And its Chinese based which fits to her mixed heritage.

TJ Combo - MMA, but pronounced Muai Tai and Boxing elements. Muai Tai (think Sagat from SF) have strikes focused on knees and elbows. TJ’s jumping knee and just some of his other moves lead me down that path. But the boxing bit has been clear since day one. :slight_smile:

Cinder - I wanna say Boxing…but id be just as comfortable saying street brawling too.

Mira/Maya - Im going out on another limb. Pencak Silat is what i see there. I cant really think of a fighting game character that embodies the style … and Pencak Silat is as broad a style as Kung Fu. But it IS a style that emphasizes feints (Maya’s overhead that she can either use or not) as well as strikes that use the fingers as much as a fist. (Mira’s st. and cr. jab, as well as her general moveset) Also, with this style, it utilizes the full body, which is something they both do very well. Thing is that its an Indonesian-based style, while they are Brazilian or Portuguese.

General Raam - Ok…I had to look it up, but im going with Sambo here, another maybe not so known style. Specifically because of his thing of grabbing characters by the neck and choking them. Which is a thing in Sambo. And also because they teach and encourage groin strikes. Also a thing in Sambo.

Come on…you cannot tell me that Raam’s st. jab isnt intended for the jewels… :confused:


Raam is classed as a human character now? :confused:

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Well, hes human-oid. Thats my defense.

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Yeah, I think you had pretty solid explanations for the rest of the character’s styles you listed.

In regards to Pencak Silat, that was the fighting style used by Jetta Maxx of Eternal Champions, if you wanted another example of the style in a fighting game context.

Omen has the fighting style of dirty bat and a cloud, a very shady cloud.

Oh, i HATED fighting that girl in that game! Her and the mer-man dude.

But Larcen? Yeah, that was my boy. Him and RAX.

Trident! I liked playing as Shadow, full of 90’s cool, imma shut up now though cause I don’t want to derail this thread. :slight_smile: