KI featured in ScrewAttack’s Top 10 Modern FGs list!

I enjoyed seeing KI on this list, especially as high as it placed!

Obviously an opinion based list, but still good to see KI beating some big names.

What do you think of the list, and KI’s placement on it?


Im in the video!!! LOL… I just fought that Nervous Nick guy last night! He is pretty good!
I enjoyed the video and I agree on KIs placement. I dont agree on Tekken 7s place…that should go to MKX. But I think in overall popularity…KI in the 3rd spot is pretty good. Id rather it be 1st but you know ppl hate on KI for hard headed reasons. lol

Yeah, nick is good. I have fought him a few times since season 1, so he has been playing the game for a while.