KI Feature/Content Game

I’ve been thinking lately about some features I’d like to see in KI, whether it’s through an update, an additional Season, or a sequel, and thought it might make an interesting experiment to see what sorts of things people might be interested in.

So, I want to play a game.


  • Firstly, no “Season 4(or more)” no “a new sequel” etc. Let’s keep this to changes for what we have for KI right now. Sweeping changes to make the game like S1 or S2 are no-gos as well, but wanting a single specific mechanic to change is fine!

  • Second, you’re only allowed a single feature, change, or piece of new content. New characters are fine, and their associated costumes, colors, etc would go with them.

  • Feel free to give a small explanation of the change or new feature and why, because I’m curious to see what everyone might come up with!

My personal choice for this would be the addition of a team-based online mode. NOT a tag-team mode, but one in which teams of two (or more) players face off singly against another team, with players being eliminated like in a tournament until all of one team’s players have been eliminated! I think it would be really interesting to have a “cooperative” mode in KI, as you can’t really play with a friend, you can only fight each other.

Let’s keep the suggestions and discussion civil and appropriate, and have fun with this!


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I just want a training mode rework. Things like reversals for dummy, multiple recordings, etc. Online training mode would be amazing as well.


Id like to see an expanded story mode that features 3 towers-
S1 tower with boss and secret boss
S2 tower with boss and secret boss
S3 tower with boss and secret boss

All with expanded cut scenes and ending cut scenes. Also ability to switch tower opponents to Online live opponents, shadow opponents or CPU opponents.

This would allow 3 different timeline endings for all characters…ALL…guests, remix, Omen, ALL! Plus the ability to play online opponents instead of AI.

An option to automatically record your matches for you as you play. It would work in tandem with the current replay system so if something happens where the current input recreation method fails due to lag or an update that clears out the update you still have a MP4, or whatever format they use, of the match.


On a semi-related note, have you tried using Game DVR to do this? You can either set it to record before the match starts (which, I believe, will record up to ten minutes at a time), or tell it to record the last 15 seconds to 5 minutes after the match is over.

Pretty sure the PC version of Game DVR can do the same as the Xbox one, so that might be something to try out if you haven’t already!

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A tournament mode similar to a lobby in that there’s 8 total players and they all face off against each other in brackets. Winners will face off against the other winners while the losers can spectate or leave whenever they choose.

You can, but you have to make it a point to remember to do it each and every time you want to save a match, and I’ve had several instances myself where I would forget and by the time I remembered it was too late and was like, “eh, I can just record the replay” and turned out there was enough lag it failed. I just figure KI being able to record for you itself would eliminate this hassle.

Certainly, I just wanted to mention it in case it wasn’t something you knew about. A workaround, as it were.


Rash removed… :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I have to agree with @Sasuke99I. A revamped or expanded upon training mode would be awesome. SFV has a really great one, as an example.

Just a small annoyance of mine, but when you get kicked out of a match (or the opponent quits) you get sent to the main menu. Why not just puts you back into the search menu. This just gets annoying when there seems to be a bunch of repeated incidents. Just a little nitpick of mine

Or at the ready screen when they leave and search for new opponent instead of using the search filter. It also sends you back to the main menu.

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Online practice mode.

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I would like for all the characters get the Season 2 Story Mode treatment. As fun as Shadow Lords mode is, it just doesn’t work well as a Story Mode, imo.

Season 2’s Story Mode was awesome, imo, and I feel kinda sad that the S1 and S3 characters didn’t get in on that.

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If we could throw in things like KI2/Gold music (as well as maybe certain classic themes from the realms of the guest characters, like the Halo theme) I’d be down for this.

Otherwise I’d really like to see at least one more monstrous character. Something like a Wendigo, a deep sea beast/shark-man, or maybe a naga or Medusa like character.