Ki fam... I love you guys. Now that I'm a venerable veteran player of 2 months in ranked I want to share an experience

(this is not Brenden being salty by the way… But I am curious if others have experience the same I’m sure you have)

What is the word to describe a player that uses a
turbo enabled controller and spams nothing but cheesy lights?

I was hoping there was an existing acronym for these losers.

I’m still new so I didn’t recognize what was going on but I started to see it a lot more the past couple of weeks now I know exactly what they’re doing. Oh yes I know.

(I talk as if I’m some veteran ki player I’ve been playing for like 3 months :joy:)

Anyhow where were we?

So this morning a guy was using nothing but jago or orchid and I was in my head trying to do some Kim wu ■■■■ and he got me the first couple of fights.

By the second fight I realized he was just spamming with the turbo controller.

So I matched up with the same toolbox again and I already had my other controller ready which has a few turbo settings including one that will give you a manual fairly easy.

(Not going to lie I waited around playing multiplayer for about an hour and a half hoping to find the guy again just for this purpose… I spent some time in training with a couple of different annoying characters and ultimately it was between sadira or rash☺️)

I decided to go with rash because I didn’t want this guy to have any misconception that he lost to a skillful player.

I wanted this guy to know that I knew what he was doing.

So right off the bat he jumps out at me and I immediately caught him with rashes dopey light kick recapture.

About 40 kicks later he was laying on the ground.

The turbo setting has a rhythm so it will stop after the fourth hit which with rash would cause him to do a shadow move if he had meter. Instead it was for Slappy kicks followed by a manual of the same rinse repeat

I ended up getting a perfect victory… using nothing but light kick for the entire match I think he only tried to combo break one time and then he got locked out.

So I’m aware that of course you can use any control you want. And I’m not being salty…Am I?
I think I handled it correctly.

And to YOU toolbox jago…

If you’re out there and you’re reading this. I want you to know it was me.

In my dreams I relive that moment and in my dreams you know full well that it’s me using a turbo controller to light kick you into eternity.

In my dreams you learn your lesson.

However because you’re a toolbox it’s likely you did not learn a lesson.

It’s likely in the end he just thought I was really good.

All right if anybody actually read this I’m sorry.

There’s really not much to add without knowing some of the circumstances of the matches where he beat you. So without match videos, it’s difficult to determine what he was doing or thinking.

I know Jago’s light punches and light kicks (at least the crouching ones) are chainable for some easy combo confirms, and in instinct mode, give him even more frame advantage than usual. Jago can be difficult to play if you aren’t careful.

As for salt, happens to everyone. Ain’t always pretty, but it gives you a chance to self reflect and learn.

I’ll say this though, if you beat him solely using Rash’s light kicks, it’s hard to say he knew what he was doing, and may have been relying on some dumb luck and a character with probably the easiest mashable normals in the game (arguably).

An interesting I didn’t realize that about jayco’s lights. A lot of the lower levels that I fight just cheese lights. Depending on who I have I can normally stop it now but sometimes I get caught in a loop.