KI Events Page - Feedback Needed

Hey all,

To help with your unyielding interest in KI tournaments, we have decided to implement an events page here on

This page will host all the information you should want and need, but as it is still in design and development, I actually wanted to give you a sneak peek at it to see if anything is missing that you may crave.

First up - an events bar will live on the home page just below news. Check out the image below:

This section will house the 5 upcoming tournaments scheduled. The text on the left-hand side will allow you to click on the name of the event to be taken to that particular event’s page. No other hyperlinks are present. I’m thinking we should have more to this, maybe. Site URL for the event? Stream link? What are your thoughts?

Next is the Events Page. This page will be accessed by clicking on Events in the top Nav Bar, or more than likely by going to (don’t know if that is final yet).

This page will list all events and separate them by month (clearly we only have one event in there now). The left-hand side will show the event’s pre-determined hero art. The right will have the event description. Right now it is pulling from the event article itself, but I am leaning towards having the gist of the event easily available. There’s a details section in the next image. I sort of want to place it in this page as well. It gets straight to the point. URL, date, registration, etc. But again, what do you all think?

You’ll also be able to jump from month to month to get to specific tournaments if things end up getting that crowded.

Last but not least here is the Event Details Page.

This is sort of like a news article about the event, but you get the details right up front. There is space for text should it be needed (like this Update from Brandon Alexander about the KI World Cup). Again…thoughts? Does it need to have the stream link (I think so!)? Does it need to have the Twitch coughBEAMcough player embedded? Inquiring minds want to know!

Appreciate the help! Thanks for taking the time to read!


Hey @rukizzel this looks great! I would agree with you that having a link to the live stream would be helpful, maybe also a separate link directly to a schedule for the tournament, and possibly for the KI Tourney Bracket? I think the bracket would be the hardest to get to.

Every tournament is run a little differently, so there may not always be a schedule or stream but if it were available that would be really cool!


Wow! great job!

Definitely need the Event web link and the KI Stream link. Maybe an extra spot for the challonge bracket link?

My Opinions!

I think for this, all would be needed. It would be cool to come to the Event page and find the site and the stream that it is going to be on instantly, rather than scavenge the internet for it.

One stop Shop for everything KI on the official site. :thumbsup:

I would say yes. People can find the Link easily and efficiently this way.

For Embedded Twitch/Beam Players, not sure how I feel about that one. Lol.


Brandon’s twitter account is there, but it’s just typed. A link could be more useful IMO

I think the important things to display on the event/tournament’s detail page would be the following;

  • Date/Time/Registration information and links, for sure.

  • Tournament stream’s link (Beam, or Twitch, or both), as well as embedded player if the event is live.

  • Live bracket (like Challonge) link being used by the TO

  • Associated website or other information submitted by the TO, like the information provided by Brandon.

  • Top 8 results displayed after a tournament has completed (assuming it will be possible to see previously ended events in this bar)

I think for each event there should be a link to the main event site, its registration, stream link or stream schedule, and lastly hotel information.

In which place, @SLHiImKeith?

In the events page or the event detail page I think would be a good place. @rukizzel

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This man has covered what I would say…

So all I will say is…