KI EPICS is back!


KI EPICS IS BACK! THIS FRIDAY 11/2, A special mini-series “Ultra Cuts” will go live! Episode 1 of 8, Ft. Windy Vane as Eagle. Stay tuned this week and after for more crazy matches EVERY Friday!


Awesome as always :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support once again guys! Episode 1 is now live!


yooooo!!! that was sick! loved the zoom ins! very cinematic!


Episode 2 is here! Ft. BeanMachine437

Episode 3 is here! Ft. Ts Dragon Kick


What’s up guys! I took a break from Thanksgiving week and black Friday but KI EPICS ULTRA CUTS is back THIS Friday! In fact, check out the next 3 weeks’ cover images and features below! Stay tuned!

Ft. Roosterdrill01 premieres 11/30

Ft. Polloshra premieres 12/7

Ft. SonicDolphin117 premieres 12/14


EPISODE 7 & 8 are now LIVE! The Finale is here ft. the one and only Paul B!