KI dead? Pshh, we just gettin’ started [Road to Top 100 ep. 3]


Are we getting new KI content this week?

Yes! We are! Lucky you, you silver tongued devil!

My friend Raul Javier Guerrero Jr. and I are doing a VLOG about him (who has never played a fighting game before) going from “whats a quarter circle?” to Top 100 killer ranked in KI,

If you are already pro and would not benefit from this, es okay just be our friend, we’re lonely and with that loneliness have developed a great sense of humour!

If you are a blatant racist (no judgements) then just support us with a like or subscribe and you’ll indirectly support KI!

Drop a racist comment! Just make sure you do all of it rather racistly, you know? Like, fully commit to that racism, KI isn’t a side bitch environment =)

We also take and prefer regular comments relating to KI.


This week my buddy Raul tries his hand at lobby mode, and starts having real matches. These are fun to record, but tedious as hell to edit (simple as they are) and I love the support and DM’s i’ve been getting from you guys, you really care and like us! :tears:

For the next episode, i want to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to join! Bring your wit and charm, because your voices WILL be recorded and showcased for all to judge and love!

If you’re wit and charm is more like that shape of water monster, this might not be for you, but you are still welcome to come and hang out with us =)

We’re opening the Lobby this sunday (March 18th 2018) at noon, and will be recording at 1pm (so you can come in and meet us and all that stuff.)

Any notes on the show? Something you’d like to see or ideas that will make it better? let us know! We tried adding a mini intro to the VLOG. You guys like it? LEAVE A COMMENT WE NEED ATTENTION.